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7 Steps That Will Help You Use ChatGPT Better Than The Average Bear: It's a tool/instrument

ChatGPT isn’t going to take your job; but it and other AI tools like it will surely make your job a lot easier. Especially, if you know how to use ChatGPT and existing AIs better than other people. At this moment in time, the artificial intelligences available to us are largely tools/instruments that can be utilized and coupled to better advantages. If you give a piano to Beethoven and a piano to an average person, who do you think will play it better? This article will teach you how to be a Beethoven with ChatGPT. So, how do you use ChatGPT better than the average bear? How can you get it to generate relevant content? Find the answers to problems and provide solutions? How can a software engineer reduce hours of writing code into mere “minutes?” How can a customer service agent respond to a problem in a matter of seconds rather than minutes? How can you do job tasks more efficiently and effectively? To maximize ChatGPT’s potential, you have to “prompt it” properly. This isn’t a search engine; this is a precision instrument. You have to ask it the right questions in the correct way. Here are Business Anthropology’s 7 Steps in a very particular order. The first thing you must do is: STUDY: OpenAI has a library of application examples. This is a great resource to see how OpenAI primes its models to provide the best answer in the appropriate format. As you familiarize yourself with prior examples, you will start to see patterns emerge as to how ChatGPT can be primed to provide the perfect results for your needs. ChatGPT is also like a muscle and studying is exercise. If you stay up to date with the latest AI tools and use cases; subscribe to their newsletters; you will be strengthening that muscle. The second thing you must do is: PRACTICE: The more you experiment with different techniques, the better you will become at crafting effective inputs for ChatGPT. Practice will allow you to develop an understanding of the strengths, weaknesses and limitations within ChatGPT. Constantly experiment with different techniques. Add different types of “constraints,” provide comprehensive examples, and modify the language you use to see what works best. Continuously refine prompts based on the results you are getting and keep records of your prompts and the results they produce. This will allow you to easily reference, share and learn from your results. The third thing you must do and one type of prompt is to: GIVE CHATGPT AN IDENTITY: In the “real world,” when you seek advice, you look for experts in that field. You go to an investment specialist for financial advice and a personal trainer or intelligent athlete to get into shape. You wouldn’t ask a carpenter for the best way to bake a wedding cake or treat an ear infection. Treat ChatGPT in the exact same way; but tell it what type of expert it is; give ChatGPT the appropriate identity. You want ChatGPT to write sales copy; prompt it: “You are a professional copywriter. You have been providing copywriting services to businesses for 10 years. You specialize in writing for businesses in Web3 and Decentralized Finance.” If you need career advice; prompt ChatGPT with: “You are a professional career advisor. You have been helping young men (20-30) find their dream jobs for 20 years.” You need a healthy meal plan? Tell ChatGPT “You are an expert nutritionist, health coach and personal trainer. You help people lose weight and gain muscle.” If you tell ChatGPT it is an expert nutritionist before asking it to create a meal plan, it provides a much more comprehensive response than if you just ask for a meal plan. Rather than just listing out a plan for the day, it explains why it is a healthy meal plan, as well as other nutritional tips/habits. The more you “give” ChatGPT within a prompt , the more you “get out of” ChatGPT. The fourth thing you need to do is: DEFINE YOUR OBJECT: When ChatGPT knows exactly what you want, its advice is much more catered to your needs. Tell ChatGPT what you are trying to achieve. Be as specific as possible about what your objective/goal is, and it will tailor its responses accordingly. You know what you want to achieve and where you want to go; tell that to ChatGPT. The fifth thing to do is: ADD CONSTRAINTS TO YOUR PROMPS: You should guide ChatGPT’s output to the best of your abilities. Do so by steering it; by providing more details about what its answer should or should not be. Constraints help ChatGPT to understand what you are looking for and avoid irrelevant outputs. To create the tone, the voice, and the viewpoint you are looking for.

Within these constraints you can also do things like specify the length of the response: “Generate a 250-word summary of this news article.” You can also specify the format of the response: “Generate a table of keywords for a blog relating to vintage American muscle cars. Include ‘Example of article titles’ and ‘target audience’ as columns.” The sixth thing is: GIVE CHATGPT AS MUCH STRUCTURE AS POSSIBLE: In copywriting and storytelling there are tricks of the trade writers use to create persuasive and/or engaging content. When writing a "Romance Novel" there is a very specific formula. Lead ChatGPT to come up with “hooks” and keep readers engaged. Take advantage of this by asking ChatGPT to use these proven methods when completing a task. For example: a good story usually involves conflict, character development – a climax and a resolution. Tell it the structure, the form you want what it renders to take. If you ask for ice-cream, who knows what flavor you will get; will it be in a cone or a cup? What size is this ice-cream? If you tell it you want 3 scoops of vanilla with hot fudge, colored sprinkles and nuts in a cone; it will deliver that. The seventh thing is to: REFINE THE OUTPUTS: Achieve this through conversation. Just like a great friend who really listens to you and remembers what you said; ChatGPT remembers the whole conversation within each chat. You can ask follow-up questions to really dial into or further refine a specific answer. Chat GPT will be as exacting and precise as you want it to be.


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