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The 1st Cryptocurrency Children's Books Written & Illustrated Entirely With Artificial Intelligence

As the creator of Business Anthropology and the 1st person to engineer video streaming servers putting HD quality video on the Internet over 20 years ago before YouTube even exited - Anthony Galima has always been a technological trailblazer. In recent months, Mr. Galima has been using ChatGPT and DALL-E 2 Artificial Intelligences as tools to both author and illustrate “Crypto Kids Adventures.” Mr. Galima stated: “The Artificial Intelligence’s knowledge of crypto months ago was elementary. In the beginning, the AI had no idea what it was writing or talking about. It had to be prompted in such ways that it was able to learn and widen its basis of understanding. In time, as I worked more and more with the AI; as I got better at asking questions and framing my language in the ‘prompts;’ it began to write stories with more accurate and precise information that made sense to me as the reader.” To date, when it comes to credible information about the Quantum Financial System and Cryptocurrency, you will not find much. Most of what you find is either outdated, opinionated, or created for Social Media by self-proclaimed influencers and experts. If you are looking to begin teaching a child about “Cryptocurrency” – to date Amazon has about 15 books for kids about “crypto” – and they really aren’t about crypto as an industry as much as they are solely about Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology.

Mr. Galima states: “There is a huge void when it comes to educational materials for children. As a result, there is an opportunity to create content that will facilitate an understanding of the Quantum Financial System and to help guide the new thought paradigms required to be successful. We have a responsibility to teach children the very best practices from the onset, and give them an understanding that is full of optimism, hope and solutions; rather than biased information, fear, uncertainty and doubt. Also, as the children learn about crypto, so too will the parents, aunts, uncles and grandparents in a fun and entertaining way.” A series of 25+ Children Adventures all focused on #Cryptocurrency, #DeFi and the Quantum Financial System have already been generated, are in the process of being “put together,” and will become available over the course of the next two years. All of the books are written in different styles, tones, perspectives and of varied sophistication. Some are legitimate stories with characters, while others like “The ABC’s of Crypto For Kids” are more of an Encyclopedia and Dictionary style word list. There will be something for everyone with Board Books created for Infant to 3 year olds; Picture Books for 3 to 6 year olds; and Early Readers for 6 to 12 year olds. They have no affinity to any one technology or currency and are truly educational and empowering. Currently, 3 #CryptoKids books are available. The very 1st Crypto Kids Adventure begins with “'Cryptocurrency Inspired Cars For Kids.' If Bitcoin was a car, what would it be?” This 24-page book available on Amazon in Kindle or paperback asks the questions: What type of car would Bitcoin be; what type of car would Ethereum be; XRP, Cardano, Dogecoin, BNB, XRP, XLM, Uniswap and Polygon Matic. Not only are there explanations as to why a particular crypto would be a very specific car and model, but a unique artistic rendering of such cryptocurrency inspired car. “This is certainly a kid’s book, but makes for a great coffee table or office book. What DALL-E 2 came up with when it comes to the artistic renderings is just beautiful” says Galima.

The 2nd Crypto Kids Adventure is called “If Cryptos Were Greek Gods;” and this one is a real treat. It starts much in the same style/format as the previous installment describing each crypto as a Greek god and why they would be that particular god; and it ends with a story. The journey of Odysseus the “digital wallet” through the land of #DeFi.

The 3rd is “Max and Mia Meet Bitcoin the Cat.” What type of cats would cryptos be; and what type of mischief or adventures can these cats get into? In this story, Max and Mia are dreaming and in this dream they are worried about their parent’s ability to pay bills and buy food. They want to help their mother and father; and by the end of the book they help their entire community.

The next installments will include the “Top 20 Cryptocurrencies Personified,” “Steve Jobs and Nikola Tesla Teach Mary About DeFi,” “The ABC’s of Crypto For Kids,” “Crypto Flowers and the Decentralized Vase of Finance,” and “The Adventures of the Crypto Kids: Origin Story.” Here readers will have the opportunity to start to meet some of the Crypto Kids who appear later in stories like: “Sarah Finds a Mysterious Box,” “Little Money Grows Up,” and “Timmy the Child Prodigy Investor.” The most exciting element of these children books is not that they were written and illustrated by Artificial Intelligence, but they are diverse and showcase all of the blockchain, parachain and ledger technologies. They aim to educate and inspire, rather than steer and dictate. They end with thought provoking questions which require some comprehension and synthesis of the content to answer. They make the “children” the heroes often teaching the grown-ups about crypto and/or bettering their family’s position in society going from struggling to make ends meet to comfort and wealth.

Business Anthropology’s Crypto Kids Adventures position young children to have a familiarity of the 4th Industrial Revolution and Quantum Financial System as we the grown-up population are transitioning into it. Cryptocurrency is on the verge of being globally adopted, and there is still much to be learned, understood and conveyed to the general populations; especially the children who will benefit the most as they become young adults.

Please be sure to purchase and enjoy one or all of these Crypto Kids Children's Books. Share them across social media to spread awareness. Cherish them for years to come.

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