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Technology changes at a lightning fast pace and in some cases literally overnight. People are creatures of habit, much more predictable in nature. They think, feel and act similarly while changing very slowly. Business Anthropology, Inc. finds the fulcrum point between people, commerce, and technology establishing a reciprical balance and WIN-WIN-WIN scenario. All parties involved recieve pleasure, prosperity, and "value."


Business Anthropology Office

Many Internet Technology companies provide everything from graphic and web design, to hosting, e-mail campaigns, logo design, software development, domain name sales, cloud computing solutions, and much more. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing are just two more feathers added to their repertoire cap of offerings. SEO and PPC are extremely sophisticated services yet almost NEVER a primary focus.


Even worse, many companies utilize "black hat" SEO techniques like keyword stuffing, invisible text, doorway pages, or page swapping which might work temporarily, but ultimately result in catastrophe. Many PPC campaigns are run inefficiently and are ineffective. The reason technology companies and customers believe these campaigns failed or were not as successful as they forecasted is because not enough "time" and or "money" was allotted for. Customers become frustrated because they are dumping more time and money into a ship that never floated to begin with; and the incompetent technology companies blame the amount of time and money they had to work with, not their lack of knowledge and ability. 

Business Anthropology, Inc. is primarily focused on SEO and PPC. Although we perform PPC campaigns for our clients across the platforms of technological powerhouses like Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat; what sets us apart is our intimate understanding of all things "Google" especially their SEO parameters and PPC campaign standards. We were there from October 23, 2000, when Google’s founder and CTO launched “AdWords” with a total of 350 advertisers, and Business Anthropologists are still here today with approximately 20 years of “on the job” training, learning, and experience under our belts.

We treat every person and entity with dignity, respect, and honesty. Many of our SEO and PPC services are a one time fee or month to month with no long term contracts and agreements; some SEO services and PPC campaigns with elevated goals realistically require a commitment and effort taking more than a few weeks. Nonetheless, regardless of the scope of engagement, outlined goals, monetary budget, and campaign duration; Business Anthropology, Inc. can provide an unparalleled and exemplary SEO and or PPC experience.

All of the work we perform for you is done entirely within your Google My Business, Content Management System (CMS), or other PPC accounts. The expert services we deliver are just that; the accounts themselves and the campaigns we engineer and launch always remain with your business and within your portfolio. If created and curated correctly, our efforts within your CMS and PPC will be a growing business asset to your company. It is our job to execute; as well as our responsibility to educate, inform, and empower you. Your campaigns are always fully accessible by you, transferable to in house or other marketing corporations, and every dollar you spend on the PPC campaigns is accounted for and funded entirely by you (i.e. we do not mark-up or take percentages).

SEO / PPC Management is a uniquely tailored and ongoing process of creating, maintaining, analyzing, and adapting in order to achieve maximum returns and results. A strong foundation can be created from the onset or pre-existing efforts can be re-vamped with some effort, but many decisions are made "on the fly." These platforms are highly complicated and constantly changing, but our technology and marketing specialists implement the most efficient and effective solutions when they are needed. This is why you should feel free to ask any questions you may have; and if you’re considering a PPC campaign or SEO work, consider using the very best: Business Anthropology, Inc.



Dana Valdemira PhD, LMHC

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President, Corporate Psychotherapist


Anthony Galima

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Director, Business Anthropologist

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