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Delivering powerful media, marketing, and sales solutions.

Business Anthro 101

Business Anthropology is a dicipline, a study, an amplifier, an enhancement, a magnification, an addition, coupling, and improvement. Business Anthropology can be introduced to and incorporated into any existing practice, method, solution, dicipline, or strategy. It is empirical, calculable, malleable, and organic always adapting to, advancing, and evolving.


Business Anthropology increases and improves everything from efficiency, effectiveness, communication, and quality; to customer acquisition and loyalty, sales, awareness, and morale.

Social Media Marketing

Not all social media platforms should be used in the same fashion. Not all social media platforms apply to the same demographics. Not all marketing plans can or should be executed across all social media platforms in the same fashion. When choosing to pay social media entities for advertising services, different budgets should be used, as well as different expectations, returns, and goals. Social Media Marketing changes day to day.

There are TWO strategies corporate entities can employee to "connect" with individuals. One is organic in nature, can be intelligently "automated" and interactive, and takes time. The other is Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns, and these can work almost instantaneously.

Digital Marketing

Any form of marketing when executed correctly is not an expense, but an investment. Your company is the "pipeline;" an effective marketing campaign "funnels" into your pipeline qualified potential customers specifically interested in your offerings. Having marketing experts execute proven strategies saves your business time and worry; eliminates any learning curves; and allows you to focus on what you do best: your business, primarily SALES.

Marketing and sales are not one in the same. If marketing is the funnel, sales is your ability to convert these qualified customers into paying customers.

UX & UI Design

Business Anthropologists are UX and UI designers/engineers. In 1988 the term "User-Centered Design" was first coined growing out of conceptual design, human factors and ergonomics. Today, UX stands for "user experience" and is a person's emotions and attitudes about a particular product, system, or service. In short, UX Design is extremely technical and analyitical; it enhances customer satisfaction and loyalty by improving the usability, access, and pleasure provided in the interaction between the customer and product/system/service. UI stands for "user interface." It is more of the look and feel, graphic design and aesthetics. Both elements and skill sets are of pinnacle importance in the development of any corporate technology, product, design interface, or service.  

Branding & Identity

"Branding and Identity" is a fun and exciting creative process. It is also very much an exact science. Whether you are starting from scratch or giving your established entity a new look and feel, Business Anthropologists can assist you.

Your "brand image" consists of everything from your corporate name, to logo, tone, tagline, typeface, colors, shapes, and symbols. Your "brand identity" is the message received by and the associations made by your customers. Your brand identity must be consistent and "universally" understood by all potential and actual customers.



"Content" is "key" and it begins with language. In this new era and new age traditional forms of media are evolving, new forms of mixed-media are emerging, and the way in which "content" is being transmitted and delivered is changing. 

Business Anthropology can assist you in masterfully creating all forms of content from text/print, to interactive mixed-media, to the most valuabe, enjoyed, and demanded form of ALL content to date: high quality "video."  

Do you have a vision, style, or voice you need assistance developing? Do you need artistic direction with a promotional video, poster, slogan, or viral buzz? Your content is a representation and extension of self. What is it saying?


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