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25 Artificial Intelligence Websites & Tools BESIDES ChatGPT You Need to Know About: #AI Revolution

Everyone's talking about #ChatGPT and nothing else. But 95% of you are missing out on the AI Revolution. Business Anthropology did hundreds of hours of research so you don't have to. Here are the Top 25 AI Tools that you NEED to know about. They are in no particular order, but all can help everyone from Musicians to Content Creators to Remote Workers and Corporations to Drop-shippers. You can literally write a movie, create the actors, the scenes, the soundtrack and bring everything to life with video by coupling some of the offerings listed here.

At the very end of this list you will find a BONUS 26th AI Tool that can help you improve your RESUME and LinkedIn Profile. "Buckle-up and bookmark this article for future reference; you won't find a list like this anywhere else. It's a very valuable resource in and of itself." -Anthony Galima, Business Anthropologist.

1. Beatoven: Create unique royalty-free music that elevates your social media content. uses advanced AI music generation techniques to compose unique mood-based music to suit every part of your video or podcast. Link:

2. Krisp: Krisp's AI removes background voices, noises, and echo from your calls, giving you peace of mind. Great for remote workers. Speak with confidence. Link:

3. Stockimg: Generate the perfect stock photo you need, every time. Don't worry about royalty free images or having to take the perfect shot. Here you can generate book covers to logos to wallpaper to Web UI. Link:

4. Podcastle: Studio-quality recording, AI-powered editing, and seamless exporting – all in a single web-based platform. Link:

5. Patterned: Generate the exact patterns you need for a design and/or search from thousands of royal-free patterns for every surface. Link:

6. Cleanvoice: Automatically edit your podcast episodes. Cleanvoice is an artificial intelligence which removes filler sounds, stuttering and mouth sounds from your podcast or audio recording. Link:

7. Flair: Design branded content in a flash. You can create 5 scenes in under 60 seconds; this is how you would make a commercial or advertisement at an exotic location without ever going there. Link:

8. Illustroke: Sometimes "Clip Art" just doesn't have those simple graphics you need? Here you can create killer vector images from text prompts. Link:

9. Copy: AI Generated copy, that actually increases conversion. Specifically for sales and marketing teams. Helps you create blog articles and "copy" in no time at all. Link:

10. CopyMonkey: Creates/generates and optimizes Amazon listings in seconds. AI helps place all of the important keywords in your Amazon listing to get you ranking organically on the first page. Link:

11. Maverick: Uses AI-generated video to help ecommerce stores have personalized interactions with each of their customers across their journey. Link:

12. Vidyo: Make short-form vids from long-form content in just a few clicks. Create social ready short clips from your long videos with AI. Save 90% time and effort. Link:

13. Unbounce Smart Copy: Write high-performing cold emails at scale. Unbounce is the AI-powered landing page builder with smart features that let you create beautiful, high-performing marketing campaigns in just a few minutes. Ads to Social Media to E-mail Marketing; some amazing solutions. Link:

14. Ocoya: A platform to create and schedule content quicker. Social media, content marketing and copywriting - with the power of AI. Link:

15. Cleanup: Remove any wanted object, defect, people, or text from your pictures in seconds. Link:

16. Puzzle: Build an AI-powered knowledge base for your team and customers. Bring clarity to your product with an intelligent glossary. Link:

17. Soundraw: Stop searching for the song you need or permission to use it. Create it.

18. Quickchat: AI chatbots that automate customer service chats; they talk like a human. Link:

19. Looka: Design your own beautiful brand. Begin with a Logo, end with a complete business. Link:

20. theresanaiforthat: "There's An AI For That" is a comprehensive database of AIs available for every task imaginable. As of now there are over 1800 AI's and 450 different tasks listed. Link:

21. Synthesia: Create AI videos by simply typing in text; and do so in a matter of minutes. You don't need to be a social media influencer or actor; you can create the character you need to deliver the message you want. Link:

22. descript: New way to make video and podcasts; the only tool you need to write, record, transcribe, edit, collaborate and share your videos and podcasts. Link:

23. Otter: Get a meeting assistant that records audio, writes notes, automatically captures slides, and generates summaries. Link:

24. Inkforall: AI content (Generation, Optimization, Performance). Google and other platforms are cracking down hard on AI content. We can detect it. Finally, there’s an all-in-one AI Content Platform that puts safety first. Link:

25. Thundercontent: Generate Content with AI. Thundercontent helps you and your team to overcome creative blocks and generate any type of unique and high quality content, in any language, at the speed of light.

BONUS! 26. Resumeworded: Improve your resume and LinkedIn profile. Designed by top recruiters, this AI-powered platform instantly gives you tailored feedback on your resume and LinkedIn profile. Land 5x more interviews, opportunities and job offers. Link:

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