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“Google My Business“ to Get Going Again

Updated: May 4, 2020

“Google My Business” to Get Going Again

The modern world has been impacted like never before because of the CoronaVirus. This remorseless invisible enemy coupled with the societal measures to combat its devastation has created many unpleasant ramifications. As we scramble to create a “new normal” with no definitive blueprint, “Google My Business” stands at the precipice of uncertainty awaiting to assist your business.

For those with compromised immune systems or pre-existing medical conditions putting them in a “high risk category,” exposure to CONVID-19 is terrifying. These folks cannot go to work, cannot risk going to the supermarket; for them exposure quite possibly would be a death sentence. For others, physical distancing and quarantining for over a month has created emotional isolation, depression, stress, and unhealthy physical dependencies. People have distanced themselves from not only each other, but their communities and businesses.

Businesses around the globe in all industries are operating with a skeleton crew, temporarily shut down in their entirety, halted, compromised, and or feeling the effects of the CoronaVirus pandemic which no definitive “end date” can be projected. Ordering take-out and Facetiming, is not the same as dining out and hitting the town. Additionally, individuals, families, and businesses are spending their money differently and very selectively changing the commerce landscape.

A number of corporations and skill sets are filling essential needs, performing valiantly, evolving to bridge gaps.  Existing technologies capable of fostering no-touch and “remote” opportunities have erupted in importance and utilization. These technologies will continue to become more regularly utilized and commonplace, however they are not capable of serving as a replacement in many instances.

At some point, people will be going to concerts, watching baseball games, sitting at restaurants, playing basketball, ordering up a round of drinks; talking, touching, smiling, shouting; congregating as we always have, without strictly enforced social distancing policies. At some point, people will start to travel again. Yes, some will continue to “wear masks” in public for perhaps the rest of their lives; many businesses will forgo sitting around conference tables traveling around the globe in airplanes; for them that measure of safety will outweigh any negatives. Fears will subside as innovative measures are implemented to reduce this justified paranoia.

Suffering does NOT blanket everyone and every company “evenly.” Perhaps, hotels as we know them will become a thing of the past, and people will flock towards more sterile and private AirBnb options. Perhaps restaurants will have transparent shields between booths and tables; and corporations will begin using ‘ultraviolet germicidal irradiation’ (UVGI). We are yet to see how societies and cultural practices will settle into a “new normal;” but we can certainly utilize innovative measures and anticipate what will be needed and demanded.

At this moment, even our unconscious tools of compassion like a hug, touch, handshake, kiss; physical contact is a risk to ourselves and others. People are fearful of “getting to close” to each other when out in public. Many companies have already gone out of business forever; and many others will be in jeopardy of going out of business if they cannot “evolve” quickly. This evolution will require that they provide the absolute “safest,” most “convenient,” and “familiar” (when it comes to quality, integrity, and perceived value) customer experience.

• How will corporations and businesses reconnect with their diverse and eclectic customers; all with varying ideas, opinions, and perspectives regarding how to live in a #CONVID-19 world?

• How will companies convey and ensure that their products, services, and procedures are safe, convenient, and familiar?

• These are the new procedures we have implemented.

• This is how we are doing things differently for you.

• This is why it is safe for you to return to our physical location. -OR-

• This is how we will be doing things from here on out / Here is the easiest way to do business with us.

Not many companies understand or are even aware of the “Google My Business” platform and why it is imperative to master and utilize ALL of its capabilities. Not only is it supercharged and integrated with all the power of Google’s world class resources, services and offerings; but it ties into just about every aspect of a corporation. It allows corporate entities to share video, pictures, promotions, news; link with e-commerce sites, and applications; connect with people in an immediate and personal fashion.

Approximately 72% of people “searching” for businesses, products, and services use Google. Google My Business profiles contained within Google Maps appear front and center, with the exception of some paid for advertisements. Google My Business is exciting, interactive - - it’s a “Storefront,” “Showroom,” “Marketing Engine,” “Customer Satisfaction Vehicle,” “Point of Contact,” - - it comes up before all SEO efforts and most PPC campaigns - - it is fun and easy to use for your family of customers; in fact they utilize it unconsciously when writing reviews and searching within Google, and it is FREE for businesses.

Even though the Google My Business Platform is FREE, it has many complex layers. Business Anthropology has dedicated itself to mastering all things Google and has Educational Materials and Services to assist you. Google My Business can assist your business in a world both “effected” and “affected” by the CoronaVirus and time will prove it to be the most important of ALL social networking platforms for businesses.

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