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WTF Is Going On? COVID-19 Vaccinations and the Creation of a New Species. Bill Gates Puppet Master

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

We are ABSOLUTELY doomed!!! Does that wake you up? We have entered a point in our history where science fiction has become science fact. We are on the verge of becoming a “new species” with our DNA altered in such a way that is irreversible. What sounds like conspiracy or Matrix is a reality; and the proposed COVID-19 Vaccinations will render us into something unnatural. In short: a computer capable of communicating with artificial intelligence. We the people of the world have literally seconds to act or it will be too late. In our bodies we have enough DNA, that if we were to uncoil it, it would be about 12 billion miles long. DNA is code. It is our genetic DATA. Within the “human body” if we were SEEN as a computer, that is approximately 40 million terabytes of data or 40 million hours of high-definition crystal clear television. Your DNA is the blueprint of existence storing information from how your body grows, ages, functions, reproduces, thoughts, memories, and emotions. If you were Bill Gates, or a true genius capable of collecting, deciphering, synthesizing, influencing and implementing a “new species” and “new age;” you would see that DNA is binary computer code. Human beings are nothing more than a sophisticated “machine” with “organic elements.” This “human machine” can be harnessed and utilized in ways which are unbelievable; the most obvious being to “mine for cryptocurrencies.”

My name is Anthony Galima and I am risking my entire life, my very life itself, to give you and everyone you love a fighting chance. We aren’t going to discuss global warming, fluoride in drinking water, chem-trails, racist statues, privilege, police brutality, socialism, side-hustles, social media…anything you can think of THROW IT AWAY. Nothing you can think of is important compared to what I am going to try my best to explain. Humble yourself and start asking questions immediately.

I have discovered the END of HUMAN BEINGS as we currently exist. I am trying to save YOU, my mother, my sister, children, old people; every person alive is at risk. I have to try to explain something that is more complex than quantum physics and rocket science in such a way that “all people” can understand. I need YOU to help prevent and STOP what is about to take place. I am pouring everything I can and everything I am into this ONE endeavor.

If you know anything about “code” and patterns, if you change something, are missing something, trans-locate or flip/flop something, put in a genome from another organism; things can get screwy. One small change can have an enormous effect. Altering DNA has been referred to as: “Playing God” and Bill Gates is one of the “puppet masters” who stands to profit in ways beyond the realm of your comprehension. What you are about to learn sounds completely insane, but it is nonetheless true. It can be dismissed as misinformation, or fake news, or conspiracy; but it is still nonetheless true. I poured ALL of my resources into Business Anthropology’s previous article, “Microsoft Patents Cryptocurrency System Using Body Activity Data and Invisible Quantum Dot Tattoos,” but it wasn’t even a blip on the radar. It did not get one second of consideration within the global media.

The human genome, your DNA and code are about to be rewritten. You are about to become a computer. And you have been groomed for over a decade; from those health monitoring apps on your phones that cannot be deleted, to your desire for all things “smart” and technologically integrated. If you think it is going to be wonderful for you to be able to think about putting on the lights and they go on, congratulations, that technology exists. But what you do not realize is that all of this is a two-way street. If the new human species and computer can send out signals, it will also be receiving them. (Refer to New AI Can Translate Brain Activity to Speech With 97% Accuracy.)

What ALL of humanity is NOT getting to decide is: how much of our DNA will we allow to be changed; permanently changed by a vaccination? Do we want to be recognized as machines? What is it to be “human?” We know for example: smoking cigarettes damages our DNA as well as speeds up a mutational cellular clock in organs that are both directly and indirectly exposed to “smoke.” But that is not the type of change or alteration being discussed here. This change to your DNA is much different. In the movie Demolition Man, how to do all forms of Martial Arts was downloaded into Simon Phoenix’s brain; anything you want to “learn” or “know” can be downloaded into your brain right now. Memories of things that never existed can be pushed into your brain; as well as memories deleted.

The rewriting of your genetic code and how much can be changed for you to not be considered human is an ethical and legal question. What can be owned and patented? You have to understand the lingo and legality. We cannot patent anything natural or that is from nature. We can patent anything that is modified and engineered. Monsanto has genetically modified seeds, therefore created something a little different. Although their strawberries might look the same as “wild strawberries,” it is NOT. They control and own what they modify.

Now transpose this to humans. It is not a far leap to say that humans can be patented; human “cell lines,” the human genome can be patented if it is altered. Right now this is happening. It is called recombinant DNA and recombinant technology; these are sequences that would not otherwise be found in the genome. The COVID-19 vaccinations are meant to turn us into “genetically modified organisms.” That is the lingo in their dossiers; the very same lingo that is used for genetically modified plant seeds. The pharmaceutical front-runners for this recombinant DNA technology are Inovio which is backed by Bill Gates, Glaxo SmithKline and Pfizer. The cocktails, this type of DNA vaccine proposed for COVID-19 has NEVER BEEN USED ON HUMANS BEFORE.

This type of vaccination has NEVER BEEN USED ON HUMANS, but are being fast-tracked at a rate never seen before. No randomized placebo controls for any vaccines which before COVID was a legal standard. They are not following any of the sound FDA protocol. The vaccine manufactures are exempt from liability for seizures, paralysis, mutated genes, contaminants, infections, or any other complication you can imagine; and they are exempt from randomized trials. They do not need evidence to prove that these vaccines do what they say they will do; all they need to do is prove the vaccine produces antibodies and not that it works within a population of people. It may not “work” at all in preventing or curing COVID-19; but what it will most certainly accomplish is anyone vaccinated will have their DNA altered and forever be capable of being “pinged” by computers; that is recognized by “machines.”

Many vaccines use what is called an MRC-5 cell line. It is an “immortalized cell line.” What does that mean? It does not die. It is a cell that has lost the ability to go through apoptosis; and a cell that cannot go through that death process is defined as a “cancer.” Another type of cell used, aborted fetal cells, or what they call “deployed cells” because it sounds nicer are vaccines like those for Chicken Pox, Shingles, Polio and others. The COVID-19 vaccinations are nothing like these “tried and tested” vaccinations of yesteryear.

The people within government do not have the larger picture. A scientist is a scientist, a doctor a doctor, a technology geek is a geek. The people in the media, the average person is NOT able to fathom the implications of this. We are getting cancers injected into us and a synergistic effect is going to happen once this new type of vaccination is introduced into the human body. We are going to do everything we can to “protect” children, so they will be mass vaccinated first. Perhaps even “laws” will be implemented demanding such.

Inovio was given 45 million for their DNA vaccines utilizing “nano technology.” None of these companies have been able to get any of these vaccines licensed for decades until now. In 2010 DARPA started focusing on DNA and RNA vaccinations and created a synthetic vaccine that can be delivered with what is called “non-invasive electroproplation” or non-invasive vagus nerve stimulation (nVNS) which basically means they can use a sticker that has micro-needles that you do not feel at all to in their words “enhance and subvert humans on a genetic level.” In 2012 DARPA announced Artificial Intelligence, a Brian Machine Interface; AI and the Human brain form a neural network and have the ability to communicate through thought alone OR can be controlled and influenced remotely. This is the exact language used by DARPA.

Finally, to round off the DARPA advancements is called “Next Generation Non-Surgical Nano Technology” or their N3 program which sounds cute. It involves non-invasive or minimally invasive brain computers also known as brain interfaces to “read and write” directly into your brain. They can put languages, skills, emotions, experiences, memories…you have become a character in a computer program you do NOT control. You have become the mindless drone even Orwell could not imagine. Free will is not even a philosophical topic of debate.

Now this is the caveat; DARPA has soft flexible hydrogels that can be injected into the skin via micro needles and are crucially important when it comes to the “monitoring of health.” All of those health monitoring apps, you will be able to sync to a smartphone app. These hydrogels that is what they do; they sync to apps, can be connected to WiFi. They also can spread throughout the body and send information “directly and continuously to an artificial intelligence.” The COVID-19 apps are setting you up for this. For the rest of your life, everything in your body will be monitored. EVERYTHING. How many steps do you take, what did you eat, are you smoking weed?

The vaccines for COVID-19 are what the bible has described as the “sign” or “mark” of the beast. Social distancing, that physical space between humans; that’s just increasing and boosting “our signal.” Gold reaching all-time highs is exactly what happens right before the markets crash; last time being 2008. The ruling elites putting all of their money into 5G, Cryptocurrency, Vaccinations, and Gold?

You have a CHOICE. You can do one of two things: PROFIT. Profit off of the largest creation and transfer of wealth going on right now. You can invest in 5G companies, Cryptocurrencies, Pharmaceutical Corporations, buy GOLD <<<OR>>> You can SAVE THE WORLD. SAVE EVERYONE YOU LOVE. Stop human beings from being recognized by computers as a computer. Stop BILL GATES and Microsoft from beginning this transition into a new species by “monitoring the health of everyone vaccinated” and “harnessing their body activity data” to mine for cryptocurrency.

The way in which people inform and entertain themselves has changed; the ways in which people access and share information has changed. The Social Networking Platforms to date are very much censored with the illusion of free speech. Buying TikTok is a way to help suppress and control information/the narrative. In the past month over 49,000,000 videos discussing the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine for both preventing and curing COVID-19 have been removed from the TikTok Platform. This is not to mention the Twitter shadowbans, Facebook's ever-changing policy violations and Google's algorithms. THERE IS A MUCH BIGGER PICTURE THAT AS OF THIS MOMENT NO ONE EXCEPT BILL GATES TRULY SEES AND UNDERSTANDS.

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