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America's Silent and Invisible Great Depression: Unveiling the Economic Crisis of 2023

Examining the Growing Financial Disparities and Preparing for the Quantum Financial System As we step into the year 2023, a sobering reality emerges in the United States—a phenomenon aptly dubbed by Business Anthropologist, Anthony Galima, as the "Silent and Invisible Great Depression." Unlike its notorious predecessor in the 1930s, this economic crisis has been unfolding quietly, often overshadowed by other "news" and/or the severity of this crisis is downplayed. Still, it bears the weight of profound financial disparities and challenges faced by everyday Americans.

A Tale of Two Depressions

To comprehend the scope of the Silent Great Depression, it's crucial to compare it to the Great Depression of the 1930s. In 1930, the average annual income stood at a modest $1,300. During that era, an average house cost $3,900, approximately three times the average annual income, while a car, priced at $600, accounted for 46% of the average annual income. Renting a home was an affordable option at $216 per year, equating to 16% of the average annual income. Fast forward to 2023, where the average income has soared to $56,000, reflecting a considerable increase in nominal terms. However, the Silent Great Depression carries its own set of financial challenges. An average house now commands a staggering $436,000, roughly eight times the average annual income. The cost of an average car has surged to $48,000, representing a substantial 85% of the average annual income. Renting, a common alternative to home ownership, demands $24,000 annually, consuming 42% of the average income.

These stark comparisons illuminate a disconcerting trend—the cost of essential assets like housing and transportation has outpaced income growth. This widening gap is further exacerbated by the plethora of modern expenses, including cell phone bills, internet services, insurances, and taxes, which were virtually nonexistent during the 1930s.

(A Comparative Study of the Great Depression and Modern-Day Economics - Supplemental Information in much greater detail/depth by Business Anthropology.)

The Specter of Inflation

In the backdrop of the Silent Great Depression looms the specter of inflation. While the Federal Reserve strives to maintain a delicate balance, the reality is that the cost of living has steadily risen, eroding the purchasing power of the average American. As prices surge, families find it increasingly challenging to make ends meet, leading to a growing sense of financial precarity.

In addition to surging prices; a dastardly practice has been discovered. To make it seem like products are not being effected by inflation, something Business Anthropology calls: the "Great Shrinkage" is taking place. In an effort to maintain margins, profits, to stay viable - without raising the retail prices of goods (especially those in the supermarket), companies are shrinking "portions." The bag of chips has 7 fewer chips; the toilet paper has fewer squares to wipe with, the liquid ounces are a few ounces smaller, yet the bottle remains the same size; you don't get as many cookies, or almonds in the can.

Preparing for the Quantum Financial System

In these trying times, Anthony Galima, a Business Anthropologist, offers a lifeline through Business Anthropology's Blog with a wealth of empowering information, his book "The Making and Unmaking of the Modern World," Hard Fork News discussing all things crypto and blockchain, a series of Crypto Kids Books for children, and his "Cryptocurrency Crash Course." Galima's course is designed to equip individuals with the knowledge and tools needed to navigate the Quantum Financial System—a financial paradigm on the horizon. As he notes, "This system is set to revolutionize traditional finance, offering opportunities for those who are prepared."

Galima emphasizes that understanding cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is no longer an option but a necessity for financial resilience. With the right knowledge and skills, individuals can position themselves to escape the clutches of the Silent Great Depression, which is on the verge of becoming a vocal and visible crisis. The Silent Great Depression of 2023 may be devoid of long soup lines and shantytowns, but its impact on American households is no less profound. As disparities widen and financial challenges persist, the importance of financial education, preparedness, and adaptation cannot be overstated. The Quantum Financial System looms on the horizon, offering a potential path to economic recovery for those who dare to explore it.

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