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Ice-Nine and the Global Reset: When Truth is Stranger Than Fiction

Cat's Cradle written in 1963 by Kurt Vonnegut is pure black humor satirizing issues within science, technology, religion and the global government arms race. The free will of man and man's relation to technology is revisited time and again within this book; and this relationship is a foundational element of Business Anthropology.

What is “Ice-nine?” Within the novel, Ice-nine is a molecular material that teaches water to change its chemical structure and freeze into solid form, without any need for a reduction in temperature. It is an invention with grave implications. It represents mankind’s capacity for creating and unleashing technological/scientific discoveries with practical intentions that are cruel and harmful to both nature and humanity.

The concept of Ice-nine was suggested to Vonnegut by a Nobel scientist and steeped in practicality. Ice-nine technology is based on a fundamental understanding of water—one of the building blocks of life. Ice-nine, like the atomic bomb, represents an incredible understanding of the most basic structures of the physical world. Through this understanding and humanity’s undeniable thirst for knowledge, destruction ensues.

Fast forwarding through the book, when Ice-nine was released into a large body of water, the entire water supply on earth – from rivers, lakes and oceans – eventually become frozen solid and all life on earth would cease. The transition into the Quantum Financial System, blockchain and ledger technologies; digital and crypto currencies is in full swing. In order for this new system to be embraced, for the Global Reset or Great Reset to take hold; the old financial system must be destroyed.

“Ice-nine” is a “solution” for global elites and part of this transition. It has been alluded to by Klaus Schwab and will be crystalized in his upcoming book called: “The Great Narrative.” Instead of reliquefying the world, elites will freeze it. The old system will be locked down; its vulnerabilities and obsoletion on full display. Once frozen, like an object dipped in liquid-nitrogen, it will be shattered and broken beyond repair.

The language of “money;” our financial system itself is based around “water.” Business Anthropology has gone into great depth outlining this. To summarize, think about terms like: cash flow, bridge loan, liquidity, revenue stream, a bank; think of the cryptocurrency XRP defined as a bridge currency from a parent company “Ripple;” or in Decentralized Finance “liquidity pools.” Water flows, bridges go over water, streams flow into banks; etc.

Ice-nine only fits in with an understanding of financial markets as complex dynamic systems; based upon elementary building blocks. The introduction of the first ice-nine molecule did not freeze the entire ocean instantly. It froze only the adjacent molecules. These new ice-nine molecules freeze others in ever-widening circles hence the spread of ice-nine is concentric/geometric, and not linear. Very much like the pattern of dispersion seen amongst 5G waves continually bouncing off and reamplified by neighboring beacons.

The current financial panics are spreading in the same way; and the breadcrumbs as to where we are headed have been scattered within “language.” Historically, a panic spreads until it hits Wall Street and the stock market crashes. Today, the panic is triggered by computer algorithms, which trigger pre-programmed sell orders that cascade into other cloud systems until the system spins out of control. Risk managers use the word “contagion” to describe the dynamics of financial panic. External “causes” are often wrongfully credited by the governments, institutions and media outlets for causing such chaos or collapse.

Think of a financial panic as a deadly airborne virus spreading quietly. Once detected, the manufacturing or “printing of money” is the cure. An economic booster that if ineffective, then the solution is quarantine. Well, the printing of more money than ever before has obviously failed. The quarantine is just around the corner and consists of the temporary and in some cases permanent closing of traditional banks utilizing SWIFT in its current permutation, halting stock and commodity markets, money market funds, shutting down ATMS, and ordering asset managers not to sell securities. Elites have already scripted and put into effect ice-nine. They will quarantine your money by locking it inside the existing financial system until the “contagion subsides.” After which time you’ll have just enough value/power to participate in the new Quantum Financial System, but do so as a plebeian.

Ice-nine goes beyond banks to include insurance companies, industrial companies and asset managers. It goes beyond orderly liquidation to include a freeze on transactions. Ice-nine is a globally coordinated and “decentralized” event. A major aspect of the Great or Global Reset that no one seems to be aware of or discuss. It’s “decentralized.” It cannot be stopped and there is no one shut off point. It has affected farming and food production on a global level to the supply chains of both land and sea.

Deniers will say, that can’t happen, but it has happened in the past and is happening now. The elites froze customer funds during the Cyprus banking crisis of 2012 and the Greek debt crisis of 2015. In Cyprus and Greece, banks blocked depositors from their own money. Cyprus was a conduit for Russian flight capital. Two leading banks, Laiki Bank and the Bank of Cyprus became insolvent. A run on the entire banking system ensued. Cyprus was a Eurozone member and used the euro as its currency. This made the crisis systemic despite the Cypriot economy’s small size.

Banks were temporarily shut down. ATM machines were taken offline. A mad scramble for cash ensued. Laiki Bank was closed permanently; its depositors lost their money, along with shareholders and bondholders. The Bank of Cyprus was restructured by the government, where only a part of depositors’ funds were converted into equity. Even shareholders and bondholders lost a large part of their holdings, and were given some equity in the bank in exchange for their losses.

During this time, the Rothschilds formed a troika – the ECB, the IMF, and the EU – which “drew a line” over Cyprus. The Rothschilds fought hard to preserve the Euro in 2011, and did not want to see that work undone. They have been orchestrating the deposition of any leaders not within the Big Bank Club, and Russia was not and is NOT a member of the Global Banking Cartel and Federal Reserve System.

Additionally, a G20 summit of world leaders met in Brisbane, Australia in November of 2014. A new regulator was established by the G20 and was not accountable to the citizens of any member country. The regulator is called the Financial Stability Board, or FSB. One common theme within FSB reports is that bank losses “should be absorbed by unsecured and secured creditors.” In this context “creditor” means depositor.

The Brisbane G20 Ice-nine plans were not limited to bank deposits. That was just a beginning. On July 23, 2014, the US SEC approved a new rule that allows money market funds to suspend investor redemptions. Now money market funds could act like hedge funds and refuse to return investor money. In the next financial panic, not only will your bank account be bailed-in, your money market account will be frozen.

One solution to ice-nine asset freezes is to hold God’s currency. That is gold and silver coins. Cash or fiat money is dangerous, but at the onset of the crisis will be useful. With that said, it is better for you to transition or convert your “cash” into the future global assets and reserve currencies within crypto (but NOT Ethereum or Bitcion/that is what the globalists want you to funnel into/completely control).

Obtaining cash and coins will allow you to survive ice-nine bank account freezes. Global elites understand this, which is why they have started a war on cash. Eliminating cash helps the suppression of alternative markets. Cash is dirty. It transmits disease. It’s bad for the environment. Coins are disgusting. They cost more to produce than they are worth; etc. During the “Stay at Home” campaigns we saw globally both cash and coin shortages.

The second reason eliminating cash is necessary is to improve negative interest rates. Central banks are in a losing battle against deflation; they are in a losing battle against Decentralized Financial environments and cryptocurrency. The DeFi environments today from Osmosis Zone to Uniswap, Compound Finance to Curve Dao; they offer APRs that are beyond the realm of comprehension. To entice people over into this new world, APRs and APYs that are over 50% to as high as 175% are fairly commonplace. It will not be like this forever.

Deflation is the big banks worst nightmare; and the big banks aren’t going anywhere, just evolving into new assets classes. One way banks defeat deflation is to promote inflation with negative real interest rates. A negative real interest rate occurs when the inflation rate is higher than the nominal interest rates on borrowings. If inflation is 4 % and the cost of money is 3%, then the real interest rate is negative 1 % (3-4= -1). Inflation erodes the fiat currency’s value (like a dollar or pound) faster than interest accrues on the loan. The borrower gets to pay back the bank in cheaper dollars. Negative real rates are better than free money because the bank pays the borrower to borrow. Negative real rates are a powerful inducement to borrow, invest and spend which feeds inflationary tendencies and offsets deflation.

Negative interest rates are easy to implement inside a digital banking system. As of now within our archaic digital banking system, the banks program their algorithms to charge money on your balances, instead of paying you. If you put $100,000 on deposit and the interest rate is negative 1%, then at the end of the year you have $99,000 on deposit. Part of your money disappears.

This is why the World Economic Forum and the Great Narrative say, “You will own nothing and be happy.” Savers can fight negative real rates by going to cash; but if cash is no longer valuable or accepted, it is a worthless commodity. Savers must be forced into an all-digital system before negative interest rates are imposed. Large depositors have no recourse against negative interest rates unless they invest their cash in stocks and bonds. That’s exactly what the elites want them to do. All globalists favor negative interest rates.

All over the western world and developing countries, there is a concerted campaign by the banks to induce people to use their cards instead of cash. A variety of incentives are offered to the consumers. These take the form such as “cash back”, or to “gain points “which can be redeemed at various stores, and similar variations. It is costing the banks a pretty penny, but what they lose now, will be gained many-fold when the switch is thrown. The cryptocurrency exchanges and platforms from a Celsius Network to Coinbase, Binance and Crypto dot com are introducing similar measures. (All of those links have sign up bonuses for you.) These CEX (centralized crypto exchanges) provide debt cards that work with Visa or Mastercard and you can “spend crypto.” Or for the more adventurous and adaptive folks, to the younger generations, they are already tapping their smartphones to make payments out of digital wallets like the Apple Wallet. The “centralized exchanges” are the roadmap for the banks and their beginning to use custodial and digital wallets. A precursor and microcosm. A custodial wallet is capable of holding currency to assets within a variety of classes.

In June 2014, Mario Draghi, head of the Rothschild-controlled European Central Bank (ECB) imposed negative interest rates on euro-denominated balances held on deposit at the ECB by national central banks and major commercial banks. These banks quickly imposed negative interest rates on their own customers. These banks all took money from client’s accounts under the umbrella of negative interest rates. Some banks charge a “service fee”. Of course, a fee is the same as negative interest rates. You have less money in the account over time.

In January 2015, the Swiss National Bank imposed negative interest rates on Swiss sight deposits. A year later, in February 2016, the Bank of Japan imposed negative interest rates on commercial bank deposits at the central bank. In May 2016, former secretary of the treasury Larry Summers wrote an article In which he called for the elimination of the US $100 bill. That same month the ECB announced it would phase out production of the E500 note. In August of 2016, Kenneth Rogoff, former chief economist of the IMF, published a manifesto called the “Curse of Cash”, an elite step-by-step plan to eliminate cash entirely. The war on cash and the rush to negative interest rates are advancing in lockstep, two sides of the same coin.

The “savers” are the cattle. Before cattle are led to slaughter, they are herded into pens so they can be easily controlled. To freeze cash and impose negative interest rates, savers are being herded into digital accounts at a smaller number of megabanks. The 4 largest banks in the United States for example (Citi, JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, and Wells Fargo) are bigger than they were in 2008. These 4 banks were originally 37 separate banks in 1990, were 19 separate banks in 2000; and what was called “too big to fail” in 2008 is much bigger today.

The ice-nine plan also applies to the banks. In November 2014, the FSB issued proposals to require the 20 largest globally systemic important banks to issue debt that could be contractually converted to equity in the event of financial distress. Such debt is an automatic ice-nine bail-in for bondholders that require no additional action by the regulators. A month later, US bank regulators imposed stricter capital requirements on the 8 largest US banks, by imposing a “capital surcharge”. Until big banks meet the capital surcharge requirement, they are prohibited from paying cash to shareholders in the form of dividends and stock buybacks. This prohibition is ice-nine applied to bank shareholders.

The truth is not stranger than fiction, it’s inspired by fiction. In the novel, ice-nine threatened every water molecule on earth. The same is true for financial ice-nine. Whatever the regulators/elites apply ice-nine to, like bank deposits for example, there will be a run on money market funds. If ice-nine is applied to money market funds, the run will move to bond markets. No market is outside of Ice-nine’s reach, seemingly untouched markets become the object of distress selling when other financial assets are frozen. In order for the elite plan to work, it must be applied and spread to everything; even societal norms. Hence you hear the phrases “Build Back Better,” or “Build a New Normal.”

Not even trading contracts can escape ice-nine within the current system. (Within quantum finance, NFTs are impervious to this lethal virus). Parties to a trade with a failed firm are normally frozen in place if that firm files for bankruptcy. This standstill rule is called an “automatic stay”, is designed to avoid a mad scramble for cash and securities that enriches some and disadvantages others. The automatic stay in bankruptcy gives courts time to fashion an equitable asset distribution.

In May 2016, the Federal Reserve scripted a new rule whereby “no creditor or counterparty can take advantage of other creditors in a bankrupt entity.” This abandonment of early termination rights extends to the counterparties of the banks such as bond firms and asset managers. Big banks and institutional investors will now be treated the same as small savers when ice-nine is applied. They will be frozen in place.

The ice-nine solution even applies to countries. Nations can freeze investor funds with capital controls. A dollar investor in a non-dollar economy relies on the local central bank for dollars if they want to withdraw their investment. A central bank can impose capital controls and refuse to allow the dollar investor to reconvert local currency and remit the proceeds. We are seeing this play out within both Canada and Russia right now in different fashions, but to the same end.

In May 2016, David Lipton, a deputy managing director of the IMF stated that “destination countries for investors have to change their tax and banking rules to discourage short-term debt and encourage equity and long-term bonds.” In a liquidity crisis, equity and long-term debt are easy to lock down by closing brokers and stock exchanges. Any short-term debt can then be locked down with capital controls on countries.

Then we have going inside of banks and ATM machines. Consumers have been lulled into believing cash is readily available to them. All you have to do is go inside of a bank or insert your bank card into an ATM, punch in your pin, and presto. Money starts being dispersed.

ATMs are programmed to limit withdrawals on a daily basis. If the daily limit is $1000, banks can easily program the machines to drop the limit to $300, enough for some food and petrol. It’s even easier to turn off the machines, as happened in Cyprus in 2012 and Greece in 2015. The machines can be programmed to do anything.

This curation of facts inspired by fiction shows the stock exchanges can be closed, ATMs shut down, money market funds frozen, negative interest rates imposed, and cash denied, all within minutes. In a matter of minutes, the world of commerce as you know it; the free flow of people and commerce can be frozen. Your will be able to “see” your money and “not touch it;” to not seeing anything and being completely wiped out. Savers do not realize the ice-nine solution is already implemented by coordinated global events, executive orders and a few algorithms.

A typical reaction to news such as this is: it seems surreal. But history illustrates the opposite. Closing markets, closing banks, worthless fiat currencies, and confiscation of “valuables” have been a regular occurrence. A survey of financial panics in the past 110 years beginning with the Panic of 1907 shows banks and exchange closures with losses by depositors and investors are commonplace.

What can you do? Learn Business Anthropology. Take the ONE on ONE Cryptocurrency Crash Course. Position yourself within the Quantum Financial System. Keep up to date with the best cryptocurrency news feed in “Hard Fork News.” Take advantage of the Great Reset just as the elites are during the greatest creation and transition of wealth. Don’t get caught with your pants down or be part of those who will “own nothing and be happy.” Do not be suckered into turning in your “scrap” or “junk” gold and silver for cash. There is no such thing as “junk” gold. Now that you know the “ice-nine” solution is here and decades in the making; prepare yourself appropriately.

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