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Unemployment Crisis Means Humanity Is Progressing

You must forget everything you know or think you know. You must erase everything. You must see things as though you are seeing them for the first time. Because that is the absolute truth. You will be and are seeing things for the first time. Humanity has NEVER before experienced an age of “transhumanism” such as this. Humanity has never entered into the Quantum Financial System; it has been literally centuries since we had new asset classes and new forms of wealth. Web3 is a convergence of technology, science, and the altering of the human genome.

If you want to thrive and not merely survive, you must detach yourself from the idea that “everyone needs to work.” Detach yourself from the idea that those who do not work are not contributing to society. Stop working for money. Stop trying to find a good job or start your own business. That’s the old world. Start to have your assets, your wealth, your talents and skills generate money for you. Begin to couple Artificial Intelligences and blockchain technology in ways that can work on your behalf/generate income for you.

If we enter the 4th Industrial Age with the old thought paradigms, we will receive an Orwellian enslavement. The way of the World Economic Forum; where you will “own nothing and be happy.” Where you buy Bitcoin low, and then spend Bitcoin when it goes up a little. To use Bitcoin in the same fashion one would use “traditional money” is doing both itself and you a disservice. The elites are banking on the fact you will “buy” whatever narrative they are weaving; you will believe the story and you will capitulate. Striving together for our future generations; sacrificing today for tomorrow.

Or you will wake up. What does technology do? What has technology always done? It reduces the workload. It provides greater comfort, ease of use, effectiveness or efficiency. The wheel made it easier to move things. The calculator made it easy to get the answers to sophisticated math equations. The telephone made it easier to talk to people around the world whenever you want. So why today, with the advent of so much technology; are people working harder and longer hours than in our recent history? Why has the job interview gone from a one-page resume, interview and a handshake; into an online never-ending uploading of documents and sending e-mails within a disingenuous nightmare? The idea that people would one day sit around and listen to a “radio” for entertainment; or people would sit around a screen; those ideas were not even imagined and far-fetched. Much of how we will live in the near future has not yet been crystalized into existence; and still remains a little far-fetched. Know that this new-age doesn’t require that people “work” in an effort to support themselves.

Work will take on different shapes; where we have people doing things that bring them fulfillment. People will begin to bake again, and become true artisans. You will hear “unemployment crisis” as Artificial Intelligence and technology replace entire sectors and industries within the workforce. This is not a “crisis” at all; but an opportunity for us to venture into empathy and that which makes us human. As unemployment rises, it will illustrate that we/humans are no longer needed in particular areas or roles. It's a good thing. We should all be striving to be “unemployed” in the 4th Industrial Age. Carol down the street makes the best bread; Anthony grows amazing tomatoes and builds rocking chairs…

When “unemployment” is “high,” society feels the need to “create jobs.” Jobs should be created out of demand, out of a necessity; not just busy work for people to do. Most of the jobs people have today are “not necessary” anymore. They do not require a “human element.” They are soul sucking at best to completely obsolete. Stop creating jobs no human wants, just for the sake of maintaining the wheel.

We could take any grocery store, right now, and replace everyone. We don’t need people to work the check-out/registers; we have self-check-out. We can have drones stock the shelves, and have shelves that are spring loaded so products stay beautifully presentable. The grocery store will make the same amount of money; can still pay all the people who worked there; but now the grocery store is operating on its own. The people who worked there, each person can work one full day as the store supervisor/manager ensuring all the technology and AI is running smoothly. Work “one day” a month, make the same salary.

If there was an island with 500 people; a self-contained/self-sufficient island. Everyone worked. All 500 people had a role in that society each and every day. One day, this man and his wife invent a technology/a process where now only 250 people on the island have to work every day. The people are not going to say, “we have an unemployment crisis.” They are going to be thankful that now only half of them have to work; or they can all take turns working and doing half as much as they did before; yet everyone receives the same benefit. The technological facilitations that render progress best do so by giving us more “time.” More time to spend with our friends, our family, and doing things that are of interest to us. Time has always been our most precious commodity.

You must look at blockchain technology, ledger and parachain technology, NFTs, the Metaverse, augmented reality, virtual reality, nanoparticles, RNA, DAOs (the new corporate structure of the future), everything is a part of “Web3.” Everything is interconnected. Do not set yourself up for failure entering this world with a Web2 mindset. Do not get sucked into Web3; utilize it to a better advantage for yourself, business and family. Let all things Web3 be your tools and instruments; not your crutch and lifestyle.

Set your goals; then create pathways to those goals that are subject to change. Try to only do the things that only you can do or should do. Delegate lesser tasks to technology. Always keep moving forward. Don’t wait for “x,” before you can start “y.” The technology that is available to you; and is absolutely free, at this moment is beyond the realm of comprehension. Access to the technology and many ways to learn the technology is available to you. Control your future; create the times, environment and lifestyle you want to live in. Start right now…

Or become a very sad product of the machine and be unmade by Big Brother in the Great Reset. Keep checking your credit score, social credit score, and carbon footprint.

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