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The Evolution of Business Anthropology - From Discipline to Corporate Entity

Updated: May 4, 2020

Educator & Technology Expert
Anthony Galima, Director & Business Anthropologist

Anthony Galima started using the term “Business Anthropology” within academia in the late 1990’s. At that time, “Business Anthropology” was not a discipline and completely undefined. Things that resembled it went by numerous terms/phrases; from “Anthropology of Work” to “Industrial Anthropology.” These tiny elements were put under the blanket term “Applied Anthropology,” which did not do justice to the importance and enormity of this field. Even today the amount of misinformation being taught in universities is alarming. The inefficient, ineffective, and completely incorrect work performed by Corporate or Business Anthropologists does little to help the discipline gain the recognition it deserves. Course offerings at even the most prestigious universities are outdated, out of touch, or replete with material omission of facts, modern technological insights, and effective real-world solutions. As a Freshman at the College of William & Mary, to an Advisory Board Member of The International Journal of Business Anthropology, Mr. Galima has been pioneering and defining “Business Anthropology” for more than 20 years. “Business Anthropology” was crystallized by Anthony Galima as an educational website (.info), a network of resources/people (.net), and an Internet TV Broadcasting Channel (.tv) back in 2006. What began as an effort to accurately educate individuals/universities/and corporations about Business Anthropology in 3 centralized locations, in time has evolved into a stand alone corporate entity comprised of Educators, Business Executives, and Technology Consultants. As Director of Business Anthropology, Anthony Galima is working on the Re-Launch of Business Anthropology TV, as well as Business Anthropology Info. He is developing a Student e-Commerce Mentorship Program which will allow both High School and College students to develop and graduate with a viable/profitable corporate entity. Lastly, it is his hope to work with the University of Miami, College of William & Mary, and Peking University to standardize the content, curriculum, and pathway to becoming what time will prove to be an integral component of any modern entity: a Business Anthropologist.

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General Account
General Account
Apr 20, 2023

🚀 ❓ ❓❓Who Is Anthony Galima❓❓❓🚀 I am the creator of Business Anthropology. As a cultural, societal, and technology expert, I possess the following qualities that allow me to excel in any corporate environment:

🚀 Curiosity: I am always eager to achieve depth in learning and refuse to settle for a rudimentary understanding of the work I am engaged in. I actively seek out differing views, experiences, and research to gain meaningful knowledge of a subject. I go to greater lengths than most to fully understand the problems and issues I am working on. I tend to ask more questions when others might settle for existing answers. I welcome new findings and opinions that challenge my views, rather than the…

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