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Business Anthropology leads to greater innovations and success. At this time, one of the best ways this discipline and Business Anthropologists can assist YOU is to tell you EXACTLY how to make money. A great way to make money is obviously to invest money “wisely.” Amassing wealth has a snowballing effect. The same is true of the inverse. You don’t want to lose money in any investment or business venture; hence your potential skepticism, hesitation or questions.

Part of human nature is we don’t like or are uncomfortable with things we don’t understand. We like to see proof or evidence, validation, or have absolute certainty before making decisions. Unfortunately, that sort of “thinking” is the reason most people are “average.” They look for opportunities and overthink, rather than taking action and creating opportunity.

Below is a plan of action that will empower you and can be implemented immediately. There are no tricks nor do you have to become a day trader or genius overnight. The only thing you must do is make the decision to change your life by taking action and executing the plan.

For the average investor all the way up to the multimillionaire the “stock market” is very much a casino and they are gambling. Every decision comes with potential downsides and risks. The masses love to celebrate buying low and selling high. Most people think a market crash is a “bad thing.”

For the captains of industry and billionaires, the stock market is a calculable and reliable bank. It is their printing press and ATM machine. Warren Buffet merely mentioned Berkshire Hathaway had a position in Barrick Gold on a Saturday; when the market opened the stock jumped $3 or 11.63%, and the price of option contracts/open interest increased by thousands of percentage points. Weeks before that, he moved significant wealth into the "banks" which had a very nice uptick recently.

Money is transferable and portable energy. If you try to save it, it will grow and you will be “average.” If you keep it flowing, moving and put it to work, your money multiplies. It’s not the root of all evil and you should not be “afraid” of it. It is a wonderful tool to enrich your life and you cannot be afraid to let go of your “hard earned dollars” putting them to work for you. You make decisions to spend money on things and pay bills all of the time; make the decision to start paying yourself.

Regardless of your current financial position, from completely broke to well-off, having “more money” would be a good thing for you and those you love and the philanthropic causes you are passionate about. Here is how you are guaranteed to have “more money” by 2025.

1. Begin investing with “any amount of money.” Open a trading account utilizing one of the many trusted platforms with ZERO trading fees.

2. Invest what you can on a consistent basis.

3. Follow the “blueprint” below until the year 2025.

20% in Big Tech Companies:

examples include Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple.

20% in High Dividend Yielding Stocks:

examples include Johnson & Johnson, IBM, Duke Energy Corp, and Verizon.

20% in AI (Artificial Intelligence) Stocks:

examples include Nvidia, Activision Blizzard, Baidu, Tencent and Twilio.

20% in Food Stocks:

examples include: McDonalds, Nestle, Kellogg’s, CocoCola and Nomad Foods Ltd. (Not commodities.)

20% in Cryptocurrencies:


Bitcoin, Ethereum and LiteCoin.

Make a bill of “X” amount of dollars you are going to pay to yourself every day, every week or every month. Whatever works best for you that you will make happen without excuses. If right now you start investing 10 cents a day every day or $25 a week or $200 a month and stick to the above suggestions; you will be far better off in 5 years.

You don’t have to understand everything or see the larger picture; just know the ruling elite and savviest investors are following variations of the blueprint which has been refined, distilled and given to you in an easily understandable fashion. This specific formula we believe to be the very best because it takes into consideration and accounts for the maximum number of both positive and negative scenarios while mitigating liabilities and losses.

Can you make money investing elsewhere or differently? Certainly. When the market crashes the big banks will get bailed out first. Bank stocks hold their value and rise; hence some of Warren Buffet’s recent investment moves. Lots of money will be made and lost in gold, airlines, fossil fuels, renewable energy, water purification, commodities, real estate and pharmaceuticals. But it is impossible to focus on or capitalize on everything.

Regardless of a bull or bear market, there is no time like the present. More monumental and catastrophic changes are on the horizon and all of the defined categories are poised to give you tremendous returns. If the market reaches new highs or crashes to lows equivalent to that of the Great Depression, you will prosper. If the corporate landscape changes and many existing jobs become obsolete, you will prosper. One crucial element to know when it comes to the market, history always repeats itself; stocks move in predictable patterns.

The categories in the above blueprint consider to be written in stone. The companies given as examples are just that. When choosing what to invest in, stick with what you know and have heard of; established entities. Don’t play with “options.” Don’t wait until you can afford one share of an expensive stock; fractional shares are wonderful. Don’t take financial advice from any source other than the stock market. Don’t try to pick winning penny stocks or blank check companies. Your goal is not to become a financial genius and understand everything; your goal is to make a lot of money.

Business Anthropology has a tremendous amount of information on the various types of cryptocurrencies, how they work, and societal shifts/ influencing factors. It’s an extremely complex industry at the moment. That’s why “everyone isn’t investing” because everyone doesn’t understand what’s going on.

All you need to know about cryptocurrency is: it’s a digital form of currency classified by the different technologies used to create it. Invest in Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin until 2025. It is very likely that Ethereum currently trading at $425 will hit $900 by January. Bitcoin currently trading at around $12,000 is very likely to be worth $500,000 or more by January 2025. Litecoin is very popular among the youth and they are already using it to buy pizza and coffee. These three cryptos are the leading players within the three cryptocurrency categories.

Business Anthropology is not competing in a popularity contest, trying to sell you something, or jerk you around. We also don’t have the time to “explain” every “why” or “motivate” you or “hold your hand” or become social media influencers or sell you a course that comes with a free 10x T-shirt. This isn't a pipe dream, a company you have to build, or a viral video.

This blueprint encouraging a 20% distribution of your investments on a regular basis across 5 defined categories starting NOW until the year 2025 will make you tremendous returns. Additionally, with the exception of cryptocurrencies, this blueprint encourages you to invest in companies you know, like, support, heard of or believe in within prospective categories. If you find a company or companies like a Dropbox (DBX) or UpWork (UPWK) that fit within more than one of the above categories and are undervalued compared to competitors, consider those corporations a wise investment.

Your BEST chance of creating generational wealth is to invest as much as you can in Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. Don’t try to “catch a falling knife;” meaning don’t try to buy low or during dips. The market to the novice will seem to move violently until 2025. The skeptics, non-believers and naysayers will be increasingly more vocal as everyone becomes a “cryptocurrency expert” overnight.

Invest regularly and consistently regardless of the market price, news, or implied volatility, ESPECIALLY in cryptocurrencies. The cryptocurrency boat is one that will become more and more difficult to catch.

If you find Business Anthropology’s content to be of value and you or your business want to pay it forward / support us so we can continue to impact and assist real lives... Donate whatever makes you happy HERE: Business Anthropology has shifted our entire business model to focus on one thing: HELPING PEOPLE.

We don’t want you to have a nice life or a profitable business; that’s not good enough! We want you to have “the best life,” “the most successful business,” and NEVER “worry” about money. Business Anthropology's Director Anthony Galima has been offering professional business and life coaching services ABSOLUTELY FREE to help people and businesses put money in their pockets immediately. You achieving your dreams and the success you desire is our ONLY objective during this global pandemic. Allow us to be a part of your life and utilize our expertise and resources to help you.

Follow the blueprint. Take action. Make new daily decisions. Sacrifice now knowing 2025 is your “end date” where you will be significantly more wealthy. If Business Anthropology and our team of educators and experts can assist you, WE WILL.

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