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Digital Nightmare: The Terrifying Toll of Excessive Tech Use on Our Bodies; Projected Humans of 2040

In the eerie shadows of our digital age, terrifying transformations are underway. The convenience and allure of technology have ensnared us, and the toll on our physical health is becoming increasingly nightmarish. From sleep deprivation and dehydration to spine-twisting, neck pain, and double chins; the relentless use of smartphones and computers is altering our bodies in the most macabre ways. Welcome to a dystopian future where our addiction to screens has created a generation of techno-monsters.

Today, many individuals in both developing and western worlds are illustrating signs and evidence, the early stages of transformations awaiting all of us. Meet Michael, a chilling glimpse into what awaits us in the year 2040. His face bears dark circles, bloodshot eyes, and eerie hairy ears. Michael's appearance is a stark reflection of the ominous physical implications of spending countless hours online. A future gamer's grotesque visage serves as a cautionary tale.

It's not just Michael who has been cursed by the digital realm. "Gaming disorder" has now earned recognition as an official psychological disorder by the World Health Organization (WHO). To prevent becoming the next Michael, gamers are sternly advised to maintain a precarious balance of a healthy diet, good posture, and daily exercise. Failing to do so leads to the chilling symptoms Michael endures.

Digital eye strain, known as "computer vision syndrome," plagues those who dare to gaze into screens for too long. Bloodshot eyes, dryness, irritation, and the inability to focus are the haunting consequences of prolonged exposure to digital screens. Brightness, resolution, glare, and screen quality all contribute to this gruesome affliction.

As if bloodshot eyes weren't terrifying enough, consistent pressure over time can lead to an alarming indent in the hair, skin, and skull. A relentless diet of headsets during gameplay for over two decades could result in a deformation that rivals the most ghastly of nightmares.

But it doesn't end there. "Playstation thumb" and blistered fingertips create a symphony of suffering for the techno-obsessed. Onycholysis, a nail disorder caused by repetitive trauma, loosens fingernails from their beds, causing agonizing pain. Blisters on the fingertips serve as battle scars from relentless gaming marathons.

Enter "Nintendo arthritis," an insidious condition that leaves hands ulcerated and callused, intertwined with crucial nerves, rendering surgical removal impossible. The consequences of this nightmarish ailment are beyond comprehension.

Trigger finger, often dubbed "gamer's thumb," imprisons thumbs and ring fingers in a stranglehold of pain and limited movement. Long hours of gaming create inflammation that results in agonizing sensations and locking joints, turning each click of the controller into a torturous ordeal.

First-person shooter, or carpal tunnel syndrome, is a relentless stalker that strikes those who wield a computer mouse and keyboard without reprieve. Nerves are compressed, leading to weakness and burning sensations in fingers and thumbs. Sharp, excruciating pains in the arm and shoulder accompany this chilling condition. If left untreated, it culminates in numbness and the horrifying specter of tumors on the wrists, with amputation as the grim solution.

Finally, a hunchback, rounded shoulders, and a neck that slowly twists into a nightmarish hump round out this ensemble of horror. Hours spent in torturous positions, devoid of stretching or exercise, create a gradual transformation from occasional pain to a spine-chilling deformity.

While Business Anthropology and Anthony Galima tirelessly work to increase awareness among high school and college students about these digital horrors, the urgency of halting our self-inflicted physical decay cannot be overstated. As we traverse the treacherous landscape of technology, let us heed the warnings and remember the ghastly fate that awaits those who dare not to look away from their screens. In the digital abyss, our bodies are the sacrifice, and the toll is nothing short of terrifying.

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