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Before Gary Vee, There Was Anthony G

Updated: May 4, 2020

Although Gary Vaynerchuk might not admit to being aware of, or recall his conversation with Anthony Galima over 16 years ago while working at his parent’s liquor store, he was no doubt inspired to create Wine Library TV (initially utilizing a Dot TV domain name) which propelled him into stardom by the individual who was putting high quality video on the Internet before anyone else.

Once upon a time, before YouTube’s inception, Anthony Galima was putting “video” on the Internet. While Mark Cuban was live streaming audio, Anthony was engineering video streaming servers trying to figure out how to improve the quality and clarity of video on the Internet.

Once upon a time Mr. Galima was also included in “Wikipedia” and has been ahead of the curve his entire professional career coupling existing technologies to a new and better advantage. As the very first individual to heavily invest in and utilize thousands of Dot TV ccTLDs as Internet broadcasting channels, many people today have a great debt of inspiration to pay to the trailblazer whose coattails were undoubtedly mirrored and copied.

Gary Vaynerchuk, Richard Rosenblatt, as well as countless other technological giants who have become household names and amassed great wealth were all very much aware of what Anthony Galima and his corporate entity at the time Unity 4 Humanity, Inc. were doing for more than 10 years before anyone else.

Today, “Anthony G” is still assisting individuals and corporations just as he has done throughout the course of his career. This humble man doesn’t wish for any kudos or accolades. “It doesn’t bother me that I was removed from Wikipedia after dissolving my former corporation as a result of the ‘Digital Delay Transition Act’ which quelled the Internet and Television from merging. It doesn’t upset me that I don’t receive the credit I quote unquote deserve and have been erased from history. It also doesn’t upset me when it comes to who does and doesn’t remember me. I know the truth and the impact I had. I also know the impact I continue to have. Many more individuals and corporations will remember me and attest to my professionalism and contributions, than those who do not.”

Mr. Galima’s only desire is to help people and corporations achieve greater measures of success, building to their dreams and not their limitations. He is happy for the success others have achieved as a result of his information, guidance and or influence. As he says, “Their success is validation and payment enough; and I only wish the very best for all people. I have helped and continue to help others, not because I want something in return or recognition, but because that is what I believe is my purpose on earth. To be of service.”

In a world where everyone produces massive amounts of “content” spread across social networking platforms; Anthony G is very selective about the content he shares online and were he shares it. “I prefer to craft potent bullets very sparingly on a few platforms. Actually two platforms; Twitter and more recently LinkedIn. I rather focus my attention on instilling wisdom and experience with individuals and corporations on a personal level. I don’t need to be a part of every social networking platform, nor do I have time.”

While much of the content created almost daily is extremely redundant, cliche, and echoes the popular sentiments of “the day;” Anthony G marches to the beat of his own drum. “I do not look at what others are doing, because I don’t care what others are doing. I focus on that which I want to achieve, and make sure I accomplish it better than anyone else. The only time I might look at what another person or entity is saying or doing, is so I can go in the complete opposite direction.”

This can be seen in one of Anthony G’s latest posts on LinkedIn. While everyone else was echoing what Gary Vaynerchuk said in one of his Instagram videos; the very same video he plastered across almost every social networking platform he is a part of; Mr. Galima had a very poignant comment. Unlike the peanut gallery of individuals agreeing with “Gary Vee” about the importance of creating content and using ALL social networks, especially those that are very popular; Anthony G discussed something no one else talks about:

“I disagree Gary. Although ‘new platforms’ are all the rage and have been for some time; something no one discusses are the very real ‘liabilities’ associated with these platforms. The ‘content’ being created once shared on these platforms is no longer ‘your own.’ Additionally, the privilege to utilize these platforms can be revoked at any time; so if a business or entrepreneur is dependent upon ‘social networking platforms’ to drive sales, they are doing themselves an injustice as well as exposing themselves to grave potential dangers.

The better alternative is to create your own ‘global web presence’ of websites and blogs; create content that appears within sophisticated content management systems (CMS) which will ALWAYS remain within the realm of your control.

Social networking platforms should ONLY be used as peripheral agents with tiny snapshots of content that inspire calls to action and get customers/potential customers familiar with frequently visiting YOUR websites, blogs, apps, and e-commerce platforms. That’s where YOU make money; that’s where you want your customers to go as part of their routine.

Stop building in other’s sandbox. Get people to come to yours.”

Mr. Galima is an advocate for people and corporations to create content within their own platforms in an effort to retain both ownership and control. “Content is the most valuable component within the Internet. Why people and corporations want to just give it away for free to social networking sites illustrates a lack of insight and understanding. Certainly provide people ‘value’ on social networking sites, meaning information that in and of itself will help them; but nobody is going to buy the cow if you’re giving the milk away for free. If you’re spending ‘time’ creating this content, pouring blood, sweat, and tears into it; you or your corporation should be rewarded in a manner that is measurable and tangible. Additionally, and more importantly, you should retain ownership of this content.”

“Furthermore, different social networks target different demographics, encourage different forms of web content, and should be used in different ways. What a user of TikTok is expecting to see is very different than what they are expecting from Facebook. To see the very same content appear across all the various platforms in a sort of blitzkrieg campaign illustrates individuals and corporations don’t value the uniqueness of different platforms, don’t understand how to use the platforms, or are just too lazy to create a diverse body of web content utilizing different mediums in a case specific manner.”

Even after Anthony’s original comment on LinkedIn in response to horrible advice from Gary Vee, individuals didn’t comprehend what Mr. Galima was saying and were quick to attack him. “This is another reason social networking platforms are dangerous. The collective ‘groupthink’ and mob mentality for anyone providing alternative thoughts or unpopular speech that doesn’t subscribe to the popular narratives of the day subjects you to both ridicule and character assignation. It doesn’t matter at all how correct you might be. I was basically forced to waste my time and clarify my initial comment, in essence feeding the LinkedIn ‘trolls’ which is exhausting. People are going to see what they want to see, rather than interpret what’s actually being presented. Furthermore, if you disagree with someone who has achieved a cult following and has legions of ‘followers’ who subscribe to everything he or she says as gospel, expect to get some form of blow-back.”

After deleting some of the nasty remarks which were uncalled for, the follow up comment Mr. Galima shared is:

“You folks didn’t read or comprehend my comment. Additionally, in this professional setting there is no need to get nasty with a spirited debate/discussion. Before Gary V, there was Anthony G. I might not be a household name, but have been a technological innovator for 20+ years.

I said to use these ‘social networking platforms’ as peripheral agents. To create very potent snapshots of content, that will drive people to your global web presence/begin to get people familiar with your websites, apps, and offerings. Move them away from the platforms that are ultimately not under the realm of your control; move them away from the platforms that ‘own’ and can use all the content you create; move them away from the platforms that can revoke your privilege to utilize them. And you achieve this by playing the game and temporarily utilizing the platforms.

If you have a 3 minute video; post a 15 second teaser on a video centric social networking platform; but only make the full 3 minutes available within your site/CMS.”

In an age of hubris and sloth, where everyone seems to be saying the same thing, Anthony G has remained true to his voice and continues to share perspectives that others have never considered or fail to see. If you’d like to know his ideas, thoughts, solutions, or opinions; the best way to do that is to schedule a time to speak with or meet with him directly.

“It is my pleasure to assist people. I don’t care who you are or where you come from, if I can help you, I absolutely will. In my lifetime, many people certainly helped me, otherwise I would not be who I am today, or where I am today. I believe in the power of the human spirit and personal connections, much more so than ‘posting’ content across social networks in a disingenuous fashion to build a brand or illicit recognition. I don’t need ‘likes,’ ‘favorites,’ or ‘retweets’ for validation.”

In an age where everyone is doing what others do, and everyone is spending countless hours each day on social networking platforms mistaking participation with action, or content creation with true value and progress; expect to find Mr. Galima continuing to create the times we live in rather than merely existing within them. You won’t find him wearing a baseball hat and walking around with his cell phone making videos packed with blanket generalizations or black and white absolute statements. “At the end of the day, you can create all the web content in the world; people don’t do business with social networks, they do business with other people.”

“Undoubtedly, there will be another hot social network that pops up, and everyone will run to it. There will also be more social networks that are vanquished to obscurity, fizzle out, and become footnotes in history. What I am interested in is what will come after them. What is that new innovation unlike any predecessors? And that is where you will find me, at the forefront of something unique. Something different. Something new. Something better.”

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