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Why Web3 Companies Need and are Hiring Developer Intelligence Project Managers

Web3 companies have rapidly grown in recent years, bringing together a diverse range of individuals with different business to cultural backgrounds. This diversity at times leads to communication challenges, between those with technical backgrounds struggling to effectively communicate with their customers and colleagues.

To address this issue and to bridge the gap between the technical and non-technical teams, the position of "Developer Intelligence Project Manager" has become increasingly more important. Effective communication is crucial for the success of any company, especially in the fast-paced world of Web3. Web3 companies are now largely comprised of “remote working teams” of people around the globe and customers they only meet/interact with on Social Media and Apps. Web3 companies are built on complex technology and require seamless collaboration between all departments to ensure the smooth operation of their services. The role of Developer Intelligence Project Manager (part of the Skill-Set of a Business Anthropologist) is to act as a liaison between the technical and non-technical teams. The Developer Intelligence has a deep understanding of the technical aspects of Web3, but also has the communication skills to effectively explain these concepts to others. Quite simply: to convey meaning and understanding to all parties regardless of their age and background. By having a dedicated Developer Intelligence Project Manager and/or team, Web3 companies can ensure that all departments have a clear understanding of the technology they are working with. This, in turn, can lead to more efficient decision-making, faster problem-solving; and improved customer acquisition, retention and satisfaction. The role of Developer Intelligence is crucial in bridging the gap between the technical and non-technical teams as well as customers. Developer Intelligence Project Managers ensure all relevant internal teams are on board with the process and understand the process. The process itself should be revised if necessary until it feels fluid and seamless to colleagues; and engaging yet safe to customers. As Developer Intelligence Project Manager, one must convey and emphasize a fluid feedback system is beneficial to the synergy of all teams. The Developer Intelligence Projector Manager should be able to help the sales team close more deals to reduce customer service/tech support calls and emails; i.e. continually tighten up and streamline the ship. The more invested teams and customers are in this process both consciously and unconsciously, the more relevant information can be collected and synthesized setting benchmarks in industry standards.

Anthony Galima, Business Anthropologist states: "The BEST technique any Developer Intelligence Project Manager can employ is: Ask open-ended questions. Open ended questions uncover crucial insight on customer satisfaction and identify anonymous users. Use methods such as Email, In-app, QR code and Link surveys with customers to prevent survey fatigue and also cater to geographic specific regions and/or market demographics. Internally, places like Twitter and LinkedIn Direct Messages are excellent tools as well." In conclusion, effective communication is crucial for the success of Web3 companies. The role of a Developer Intelligence Project Manager is critical in bridging the communication gap between the tech department and the rest of the company, ensuring that everyone is working towards the same goals. With the help of a Developer Intelligence Manager, Web3 entities can drive growth, improve their products and services, and ultimately achieve greater measures of success. If your entity is in need of a Developer Intelligence Project Manager or you are an individual who wants to learn more about this position; contact Anthony Galima today. Help to ensure the efficiency, effectiveness, and free flow of information; or make yourself a good candidate to fulfill this much needed role.

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