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Why Multitaskers and Side Hustlers Rarely Achieve Great Success

In the 1990’s “multitasking” was the ultimate “buzz word.” Every potential employer wanted to know if you were a good multitasker. Resumes were packed with examples of “multitasking.” Children from kindergarten to college were being “taught” how to multitask. If you were overwhelmed with many things to accomplish, someone would offer-up that one-size fits all solution and say, “Just multitask.”

It turns out, it is impossible to focus your full attention on multiple tasks concurrently. A perfect example is the masses proved incapable of safely driving a car while physically holding and talking on a cell phone. Driving and talking on the telephone, two of the easiest things to do in the world, and most pose a liability when participating in those actions simultaneously.

Those who multitask are inefficient, ineffective and for the most part produce sub-par work. They have poor attention spans, an inability to focus, and rather than tackle the most difficult tasks first, they try to do as many superfluous tasks which are easily achievable. They have no sense of urgency, an inability to finish tasks to full completion; a heightened hubris, always believing themselves to be accomplishing more than and working harder than others. Multitasking is a crutch individuals use to justify their value and many people today still boast about their ability to multitask. In short a multitasker is equivalent to a “scatter brain.”

Side hustle? Have multiple side hustles? why not just work every minute you are awake and alive? Even the term “side hustle” is dismissive and lesser; it’s an oxymoron of sorts.

You are not likely to achieve a professional income and salary with a part time half-assed effort. We used to call “side hustles” hobbies. You collected trains or baseball cards, and bought and sold them. Or you liked to bake, and whenever you made apple pies you’d make a few extra for friends and family members who would happily pay. When your hobby supplemented your income, that was the cherry on top.

But a side-hustle isn’t even a hobby, nor is it a business. It’s a “hustle;” busy movement or activity. A fraud or a swindle. To try to manipulate or persuade someone. It also means to work quickly and really “bust your ass.”

If you are keeping a 9 to 5, working “for someone” while trying to get your side hustle to take off; or you have responsibilities and rely on getting a consistent paycheck. If you tried to open a business or you don’t have enough money to do the business you want, or are worried you wouldn’t have health insurance. Congratulations. Keep listening to Gary Vaynerchuck and Grant Cardone. Keep dipping your toes in and out of the water; buying courses and watching videos across social media platforms. Keep working from 9 to 5, then work from 6 to midnight; and see how far you get.

If you want to start a business; start your business. Jump into the pool. Have some money saved, a business plan, revenue plan, customer acquisition strategy; be as prepared as you possibly can, learn as much as you can; then begin. Realize all of your preparation is sketched in pencil and must be subject to change at a moment’s notice; but your goals must remain fixed in stone.

And be realistic. Start small and scale. Set limits. Invest your time and money into what will give you an immediate return. There is no “plan B” or safety net. So many people, when starting a business; they spend countless resources of time and money on a logo. A logo? What a waste of time. Did Jobs and Woz concentrate on Apple’s logo first, or even the name of the company? No, they started building the machine.

People say I need business cards and a website first. Or I need more followers on social media. I need to create content. Ok. Keep listening to Gary and Grant. They are living the dream, making 10x, selling their brands, gimmicks, cliches, and “solutions” to you. They are offering up expert advice in areas they have no expertise in; and the desperate sheeple to dreamers are eating it up. Why? Because they are filthy rich; and being “rich“ in our society automatically equates to intelligence.

You have to find your path, journey, plan, and system. Until you take off the training wheels, you cannot ride a bicycle. And if you take your eyes off the road, looking around at everything; good chance you will crash. Try a hobby or “side hustle” to see if you enjoy it. Then see if you can make a little money. Lastly, evaluate could this be a viable business? What would I need to begin? How will this business be structured to scale. Then take off the training wheels, quit the 9 to 5, and stay focused. Give everything you have and your all from the onset. If you are not exhilarated and terrified, then you’re doing something wrong because both of those emotions are necessary for success. And certainly do not try to emulate or be someone and something you are not.

Julius Caesar said what translates to; “If you want to take the island, burn the boats.” When Batman in the “Dark Knight Rises” was thrown into a prison that very few ever escaped from; the only way he was able to make the leap out was without the safety rope tethered to his waist. It’s either we are conquering this island or dying; leaping out of prison or plummeting to death.

Work for a paycheck or work for yourself and venture into the unknown. If you do both you are not living and enjoying life, you’re working all the time. If you take the leap and you fail, the 9 to 5’s aren’t going anywhere. You can always get a job selling cars, working at a bank, or being a social media manager.

Multitasking and side hustling are not the vehicles which will propel you to living the life you so desire. Have they worked for some individuals? Certainly. But more often than not, their shortcomings greatly outweigh any actual or even perceived benefits.

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