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The Culture of Cuisine & Quantum Temple: Food NFTs That Preserve, Connect, & Create Community

Growing up, on Christmas Eve, my Italian-American Grandma would cook 7 different kinds of seafood. The cuisine of Christmas Eve was fish. One dish that was my favorite were tiny zeppole. What was inside each one was a mystery, they all looked the same; and whatever fish or sweets was inside each one, the zeppole were wrapped in the same way Jesus was swaddled in a blanket as a baby. I watched my grandma wrap food inside these zeppole blankets until the year she died when I was 8 years old. Nobody in my family ever learned how to make these zeppole and that dish died with her.

Nothing creates community and shared experiences like “food.” In an effort to reach everyone around the world, and in keeping with the preservation of culture, Quantum Temple should create the “Culture of Cuisine” NFT collection. The first recorded cookbook is said to be four clay tablets from 1700 BC in Ancient Mesopotamia; by the 1300s, cookbooks were a norm for kings and nobles. With the advent of the printing press, they became available to households everywhere. Today, Quantum Temple has the ability to Re-Invent the “cookbook” like never before, and preserve the most enjoyed and important part of every culture: FOOD.

Within “food” are the beliefs, attitudes, and practices related to the culture producing and sharing their food. Food is an important part of heritage and ethnicity; traditional foods and recipes play a key role within every known culture. Quantum Temple can create collections that go back in time; Indigenous food cultures from 1492 to the 1800s melding with the European ingredients and cooking styles to the Americas. Quantum Temple can preserve cultural influences on food from the 20th century when immigration around the world led to an influx of new cooking styles and foods to choose from. The “Tea Culture” in China and the “Tea Culture” of Great Britain to Haitian Joumou soup. The possibilities are endless and exciting.

There are over 650 different types of pasta; but fewer than 350 have been documented; and they are documented poorly in static fashions. The number of individuals who know how to make and cook particular pastas is dying rapidly and some are in danger of being forgotten within one generation. (This is the same for cultural breads.) Quantum Temple can celebrate cultural foods and traditional recipes from all over the world; even varying regions within countries.

The ”Culture of Cuisine” collection is also a NFT service. It can translate to regular people wishing to preserve “family recipes” and or celebrate family members. Like “Anthony Galima’s Apple Pie,” which both looks and tastes the best. Add a futuristic Web3 ranking/rating system, and now you really have something- “collectible traditional and family NFTs.”

This is not an “idea” - it is a solution that is of service to humanity, creating new prosperous and celebratory opportunities. It creates a “shared experience” just like “eating” within the digital realm. And this is what makes me a “thought leader;” that little extra. Quantum Temple can use “Food NFTs” to document/geographically authenticate, track, buy and sell everything from freshly found Italian Truffles to White Jewel Strawberries, caviar, vintage wines, and Buddha-Shaped Pears. A collection, a gallery, a cook book and fine grocery exchange. It creates new found streams of revenue never before available to you; as well as collections that will have your greatest ROIs.)

I am Anthony Galima. You folks reached out to me for the position of "Web3 Community Builder." What I have shared with you I hope illustrates just how valuable I would be to your team in any capacity. I am the 1st person to put high-definition video on the Internet. Creator of “The Language of Domain Names” to “Business Anthropology.” One of this century’s thought leaders and author of “The Making and Unmaking of the Modern World.”

Business Anthropology never has blog posts such as this; but I wanted to document this solution. I have been freely giving blockchain and Web3 entities solutions for years, with the hopes that thee solutions I share will procure me a senior position within a dynamic team. These companies have never offered me a "job," yet certainly enjoyed the solutions I provide. To date, no Web3 company has a “Business Anthropologist.” What I can do from sales, to marketing, to content creation, to contract negotiating, to synthesis and qualitative analysis is extraordinary. I can best be of service to humanity and perform at the highest levels as part of a dynamic and genius team. I believe in Quantum Temple's mission and leadership.

Allow me to create and monetize the “Culture of Cuisine” and be a part of Quantum Temple. This NFT collection and service will transport people back in time to their childhood - or - to foreign and exotic destinations/new experiences – and / or to a place that feels like home. It will also be your most efficient, effective, and monetary successful endeavor yet, creating and setting the standards within an entirely new industry and class of assets. Invest in me with an opportunity, and with "me" on your team, I will generate "millions" of dollars for Quantum Temple. -AG

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