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NFTs Simply EXPLAINED to REAL WORLD Applications

Below are the links and titles to a 4 Part Series on NFTs. Whether you are an expert or a novice, you will find information that is fun, educational in nature and beneficial to you.

Many people and companies are beginning to enjoy the benefits of crypto and blockchain technology. NFTs have been on the scene since 2012 and in the past year have exploded. People are making life changing money to setting new benchmarks in corporate industry standards; while others are being left behind not even knowing where to start.

Over the past year, Anthony Galima, creator of the Cryptocurrency Crash Course and Hard Fork News has had many students ask him about NFTs. From musicians to doctors, creative people and professionals want to understand NFTs, mint and trade them, to utilizing them in new and different ways.

In an effort to help you and or your corporation understand NFTs, Business Anthropology has created this 4 Part Series of Blog Articles. In every article, you will find links to supplemental information. This will allow you to read through the articles once, and then further explore primary resources to Wikipedia entries. If you enjoy the above 4 Part Series, please consider sharing them individually across your social media platforms to assist others and give them more exposure.

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