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#Microsoft Doesn't Need No Stinkin' Algorithm: A BLESSING IN DISGUISE

If you are a technology professional who specializes in “algorithms,” and Microsoft has those in spades, the OPPORTUNITY to implement a “new and improved” #TikTok algorithm is a blessing in disguise. Not only does Microsoft have the opportunity to acquire the foundation of what will be the most powerful and widely utilized social networking platform; they have the ability to set new benchmarks in industry standards. One tremendous problem in the world today is we have esteemed politicians, economists, educators and news personalities discussing matters outside the realm of their expertise in such a way that is irresponsible and dangerous.

The appeal of #TikTok is NOT an algorithm that is subpar to begin with, it is that during this global pandemic #TikTok provides the most desired, engaging, entertaining, informative and FUN medium: VIDEO. During the Great Depression Hollywood entered its “Golden Age.” Today a similar eruption is taking place with ALL things “video” and “streaming”…especially amongst social networking platforms. If anyone is a student of history and can remember the "2006 YouTube" deal for over $1 Billion Dollars; only the novice believed that Google was buying the "platform." The YouTube platform was garbage; what they bought was more VIDEO content than ALL the video created since the inception of Television and Cinema. #TikTok is YouTube on steroids and designed to illicit the very same reactions within our brain that we get from both stimulants and depressants. Another reason why the current algorithm is dangerous; in short it can transfix malleable minds in a hypnotic fashion.

Furthermore, the TikTok platform allows Walmart and Microsoft alike to become Professional Broadcasters and bring the joy of their products and services directly to individuals and households wherever one may be. Walmart can create professional content with exciting personalities; there is no reason to ever "make a commercial" or spend traditional marketing dollars. The #TikTok algorithm is “awful” and it is the greatest liability within the platform itself. The algorithm and what the Chinese government want to define as “Artificial Intelligence” is poison. The world doesn’t need what time will prove to be the very best social networking platform to have the existing Chinese Algorithm. Microsoft can make an algorithm in the time it takes to write this article that would benefit ALL people who utilize the platform globally. TikTok could present information and content that is truly aimed at a person’s preferences, rather than pushing an agenda of the day, or the popular and empty personalities currently taking advantage of struggling, desperate and hopeless individuals. TikTok has an unlimited capacity and potential, but is currently cultivating an environment of pure and utter mindlessness, charlatans, self proclaimed experts, pranks, magic, is the Wild West at lighting speed with everyone from 5 year olds to "The Boy With One Shoe" who is a 96 year old living WWII HERO and author: Sir John Henry Meller. There is no true sense of logical order, no direction or path one may take, no way to organize your "friends" or the content of those you enjoy into "lists" or categories. And as George Orwell wrote: "All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others." Everyone doesn't have the privilege and opportunity to go live; VERIFIED accounts are BOUGHT and not earned...and many more unfair and unequal aspects in a world where we ALL are fighting for greater measures of FREEDOM and EQUALITY. The algorithm is poison and if Microsoft needs any assistance in creating a new one, please contact Business Anthropology's fearless and brilliant Director: Anthony Galima.

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