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Killing & Destroying Anthropology Along With America

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Anthropology consists of Archaeology, Cultural Anthropology, Linguistics, Biological Anthropology and the recent addition of Business Anthropology within many academic institutions. Although every person on planet earth has some form of bias, Anthropology in its purest sense has an unbiased nature. Furthermore, it is the duty of every Anthropologist to address potential bias and shortcomings within his or her research/findings.

In both Cultural and Business Anthropology, etic and emic techniques are utilized. One technique the Anthropologist immerses themselves within the environment, whereas the other one he or she observes with limited interference. Within the discipline of Business Anthropology defined and crystallized by Anthony Galima, both techniques are utilized within every study.

Today, Anthropologist’s are infusing politics and their “moral perspectives” into very bias studies. They cherry-pick verbiage which is “charged” and subconsciously influence individuals. Rather than presenting information and findings allowing an individual to think, the majority of new scholarly research dictates what one should think.

A perfect example would be “female genital mutation” vs “ clitoridectomy.” When reading a study using the term “female genital mutilation,” you don’t need to continue any further to know the “opinion” of that Anthropologist. What an anthropologist thinks is right or wrong, or their personal perspectives have no place within an anthropological study. Conversely, Anthropologists who contribute tremendously brilliant work, but in their personal life have conservative or patriotic leanings; there is a mob mentality of leftists ready to pounce on and attack the character of anyone not subscribing to their collective groupthink as well as a wave to discredit their findings.

The discipline of Anthropology is now being hijacked by a liberal gestapo of self proclaimed “anti-capitalists” and “social justice warriors.” These folks have infiltrated all of social media and academia polluting minds with at best nonsense, but more often than not very dangerous content. They speak about “diversity” meaning a cultural diversity of course, but only accept within that diverse population a collective groupthink. A perfect microcosm would be Joe Biden’s claims that “you ain’t black if you don’t vote for me.”

How can a carpenter justify their choice of screws & nails, to people who know NOTHING of carpentry; especially if that carpenter is being accused of wrongdoing by lawyers & politicians whose auditory language skills exceed that of the carpenter, but wouldn’t know cedar from pine. Many “experts” in Anthropology have very specialized skill sets and knowledge. Unfortunately, their “roles” have moved far beyond their expertise; to where they are being consulted to provide amateur opinions on complex matters outside the realm of their expertise.

More-over the consensus of like-minded “experts” on matters beyond their expertise has emboldened many “experts” and other professionals in specialized fields...TO IMAGINE that “their” perceptions axiomatically are the difference between the “enlightened” and “dumb.” We see that today with anyone who loves America and supports President Trump as being labeled stupid or racist.

There is a cognitive dissonance taking place within these very “open minded” and liberal scholars who are quick to silence, attack, and/or discredit anything he or she doesn’t agree with. Additionally, even saying “he or she” can evoke criticism, because there are now over 100 genders. Of course there are only 2 genders; no more or no less. There are however over 100 gender identities, and this is a very different thing.

Yuri Bezmenow was a Soviet journalist for RIA Novosti and a former PGU KGB informant who defected to Canada. Before his untimely death, he discussed how the “Western World” was being destroyed like a cancer from inside out with a tactic called: “ideological subversion” or “active measures.” This is a slow process that changes the perception of reality in such a way that makes it is impossible despite the abundance of information to form conclusions in the interest of defending yourself, your family, your community and country. It’s a slow moving brainwashing process that takes place in FOUR basic stages which we have seen played out within our academic institutions and media outlets.

The first stage is “demoralization.” This takes about 15 years because that is the minimum number of years to brainwash one generation. You pump the ideology of the enemy into the malleable minds of the youth. These Marxist and Leninist philosophies go unchallenged and the process has been over fulfilled in America since the 1960s following the assignations of our beloved Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and JFK.

The second stage is called “destabilization.” This takes only 2 to 5 years. The economy, foreign relations, race relations and defense systems become infused with Marxism. We see that clearly within the “Black Lives Matter” that cares nothing for black lives and sends people out into the streets like cannon fodder. Now as their leaders have become millionaires the #BLM movement has become more politically correct on paper (i.e. their website), but if you go back to the initial pillars created upon inception/and the original website you would see a very different message.

The third stage is called “the crisis.” The crisis can take days or weeks. During the crisis you get a “change of power.” This is exactly what we are seeing today in America with the Presidential Election. It doesn’t matter that overwhelming evidence suggests it is statistically and mathematically impossible for Joe Biden to have won coupled with thousands of videos, audio and sworn affidavits supporting widespread voter fraud; all of that is dismissed as “conspiracy.” The truth no longer can be deciphered or matters and a very scary number of people really believe Joe Biden received more legitimate votes than Obama, Hillary Clinton and now Trump.

The changing of the guard is followed by the fourth stage and a period of “normalization.” During this period of normalization, a godless society is created that tries to eliminate the free market, strips us into of our “inalienable rights” and uses the guise of scientific evidence, our safety and the fight for equality to promote and enslave that society. The politicians running for office or within office will promise everything and anything to a populous of brainwashed sheeple. That is exactly what you see happening today within the Democratic Party where everything should be free and everyone deserves everything. Or a Kamala Harris who one day says “I think everyone from 18 to 24 is stupid,” then the next day says, “I think we should strongly consider allowing 16 year olds to vote.” She is the 1st Black Vice President Elect, the 1st Indian Vice President Elect; she is portrayed as whatever is convenient or necessary giving the current circumstance. is a wonderful example of what “ideological subversion” can manifest and is a complete bastardization of anthropology. It’s a leftist cookbook full of opinions and studies that are replete with material omission of facts and heavy bias. You will only find the views and opinions of the most extreme leftists trying to pawn off absolute shit as scholarly, credible or “woke” research; and they will not incorporate anything written by anyone who doesn’t have the exact same viewpoints of the founding puppeteers and staff.

Anyone in the world can write and publish a book called: “Cat’s Cradle;” but there is only ONE Kurt Vonnegut. If a “Cat’s Cradle” isn’t authored by him, it is not the original as well as extremely misleading and dubious. Anyone can create a website or group and/or publish a book; but that doesn’t make their content credible.

ANY and ALL content you may find regarding Business Anthropology, if it is NOT from the “International Journal of Business Anthropology” or “Business Anthropology, Inc.” it is not a part of the discipline and should be considered with the highest degree of skepticism. Especially if it is being taught in universities by ivory tower idiots and a motley crew of societal piranhas with an agenda of sameness and conformity cloaked under a veil of diversity, equality and unity.

Even the communities within LinkedIn claiming to be “Business Anthropology” fail to acknowledge, include, and go as far as to block or ignore “Anthony Galima” who is the father of this discipline having crystallized it over 2 decades ago. In an age of censorship and labels, those communities should be “labeled” as potentially fraudulent with gross misinformation and huge disclaimers.

Anthony Galima is committed to preserving the integrity of Business Anthropology and will not allow the discipline to be compromised, destroyed, changed, or ultimately killed off. Anthony Galima also loves all people and life on planet earth, but will always fight for greater measures of freedom and supports the Constitution of the United States of America and our precious “American Dream” now on life support.

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