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I Want To Work For Someone For The Rest Of My Life?

Updated: May 12, 2020

There are a handful of people in this world who truly love what they do everyday, make a salary they are happy with, and don’t mind working for someone else or as part of an institution. My mother and father are perfect examples. My father loved being a New York City Police Officer, protecting and serving others daily. When my mother retired she said, “I am fortunate to have ‘never worked’ a day in my life because I loved being a teacher.”

Can you say that about your “job?” As a child, did you dream of working for a large company? Did you dream of having a life with 10 paid vacation days and 10 sick days per year? Do you enjoy driving to an office, sitting at a cubical, and getting a half an hour to eat lunch? Or perhaps due to demand, be required to work the occasional holiday? Do you like making other people rich? Or enjoy job security and are willing to settle for a salary that allows you to live paycheck to paycheck? Do you enjoy watching people who know far less than you and don’t work nearly as hard, but know how to “play the game” keep getting promoted, while you seem to stay stagnant?

Or perhaps you are an executive with ten or twenty years experience currently “out of work” and the only jobs available to you at the moment are “entry level?” Or you’re working for an hourly wage day after day to “make ends meet,” but can’t seem to climb out of a mountain of debt? Or you have a commission based job and are selling something you’re not passionate about?

Or perhaps you have children you rarely see because by the time you come home from work, they are sleeping? Or you like watching kids out of college who went to big time schools with no real world experience get high paying jobs that you’ve been passed over on because of your age or even worse your gender? Do you like getting numerous certifications, having to take assessments tests, writing customized cover letters, and trying to fit all of your “life” into a one page resume?

If that’s the life you want, or are willing to accept, then read no further. If you are not willing to work harder than you ever have for a few months, read no further. If you cannot manage your time and motivate yourself, be your own boss, wake up early, meet with customers; read no further. If you think you need to go on “Shark Tank” or get an investor, read no further.

But if you want more out of life, if you want freedom, limitless monetary rewards, and to actually help people everyday, I have an alternative. If you want to be the author of your life story, or the hero in the movie of your life, I can help you. I help people all the time who want to better their lives.

I have a “business” that I can teach you very easily, and I’m going to guide you to success every step of the way. You don’t have to be a technology expert, and you don’t need to have sales experience. You don’t even need to build a website, design a logo, or make business cards. You don’t need to spend money “incorporating” or developing an LLC from the onset. Within your first week, you will make money.

I’m going to give you all the legal documents you need, marketing materials, and provide you with everything you need to say when it comes to dealing with a “qualified customer” on the phone or in person. I’m going to show you how to find these qualified customers with ease in your own town/city who absolutely need the service you are offering. And if these businesses are already using the service/platform, I’m going to show you how you can assist them in using it to a “new and better” advantage increasing their visibility, sales, customer acquisition and retention, as well as creating a true and accurate representation of their business and offerings online. I’m going to teach you a service that allows you to make money with “one-time” sales, as well as create a residual form of revenue that will come to you month after month.

Now, I don’t have a program or course that originally costs $8,997 dollars, but today only for a limited number of clients I’m going to sell to you for two easy payments of $39.99. I’m not going to teach you about “affiliate marketing,” or “drop-shipping,” or “ClickFunnels,” how to mine “bitcoins,” or how to open up a “T-shirt business,” or any other number of passing fads. I’m not offering you a webinar or access to a library of videos to watch. I’m not teaching you a “side hustle” or telling you to fill out “online surveys,” drive for Lyft, or make money delivering food with Postmates. If those things sound good to you, read no further.

I’m not going to sell you something that is a complete waste of your time and money. The only people getting rich off of these many popular systems, courses, and webinars are those who sell them to desperate “suckers,” or people looking for an easy way to become rich. If you’re expecting money to just start pouring into your bank account while you sleep and all you have to do is work for 2 hours a day; read no further.

I’m not Gary Vaynerchuk or Tony Robbins who is going to fill you with useless cliches, how to grow 10X, and tell you all that matters is hustling and working hard. These folks are personalities making BIG money off people with good intentions who just want a better life. In my opinion they are taking advantage of hard working people; and when those hard workers fail or give up, it destroys their entrepreneurial spirit.

“Hard work” is overrated; you have to know how to work “smart;” meaning you are efficient, effective, and putting your time, energy, and resources into the right areas. “Failure” is also overrated. Most of the time people don’t learn anything from failure; or they think they “know” why they failed, but their thinking is replete with material omission of many facts and circumstances they are not aware of. To be successful, you must acquire the necessary knowledge, resources, beliefs, and habits. You must feed your strengths, work around weaknesses, see “problems” as “opportunities,” and fill a “need.” You must be specialized and focused.

Some businesses “bet against change.” This means when the business fails or makes a mistake, it is because something “changed” that the business did not expect, predict, or anticipate. Perfect example is Blockbuster Video; we all know what happened to that company. Blockbuster also had the opportunity to buy Netflix for basically peanuts, but decided to pass.

Other businesses “bet on change.” When the business fails or makes a mistake, it is because things did not change or evolve in the fashion they expected or anticipated. Today most people have heard about 3D printers and 3D printing; but few people know this technology was invented in the 1970’s. Those folks were so far ahead of their time, almost all of them couldn’t weather waiting 50 years for the times to catch up to them. And even today this industry is still just “starting out.”

Successful businesses know how to “hedge their bets.” To what degree or percentage is determined by many factors; but they have a model that can adapt, processes that evolve; and they are great at observing, listening, and reacting.

What am I going to teach you? What business is certainly NOT going anywhere and ever going to change; while at the same time it changes and evolves rather frequently? What business is used by over 72% of people “searching” the Internet? What business has an absolute stronghold and monopoly within the technology industry? Did you guess yet?

GOOGLE. I’m going to teach you how to be a “Google Educator.” Nobody likes a “salesman,” but people respect and trust educators. If you have cancer, you go to a doctor who specializes in that type of cancer and listen to them. If your tooth hurts, you go to a dentist. If you want to find out more about something, you’ll go to a teacher or expert of that field.

I’m going to teach you how to position yourself in a specialized niche of Google that currently virtually no businesses are catering to. You’re not going to sell ineffective and ineffectual Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns. You’re not going to have to learn how to use Google Analytics, or any complex coding and algorithms. You don’t have to be a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) expert. You are going to get in at the ground level and assist companies in both utilizing and/or strengthening their “Google My Business” profile.

Every company, whether they know it or not has a “Google My Business” profile. The vast majority of these profiles are “not yet verified” or incomplete. Whenever an individual searches for anything on Google, with the exception of a few PPC advertisements, the FIRST thing that comes up is “Google Maps.” If a company cannot be found within Google Maps, or isn’t within the first few suggested offerings, the company isn’t getting the visibility it wants and needs.

“Google My Business” lives within “Google Maps.” In short, “Google My Business” (GMB) prioritizes, ranks, and validates what people see when they SEARCH for products, services, websites, and physical “brick and mortar” locations. GMB is the cornerstone by which all other Google Services stem from and the dashboard where a company can manage ALL of their online information. Companies can post photos, interact with customers leaving reviews, offer promotions, link it to calendars allowing folks to schedule appointments; GMB can do a seemingly infinite number of things creating “win-win” scenarios.

All you have to do is walk into a business, talk for 2 to 3 minutes, and provide those business owners/management with information that is useful to them. Then leave. You can easily go to 10 businesses everyday, and make at least one sale. You can set your prices.

My company’s prices in the Fort Lauderdale/Miami area are $699, $999, and $1299 for the GMB services. The residual income stream I mentioned is either $39.99 a month or $79.99 a month. That is what works in my market and allows for an easy sale.

Within your first WEEK working with me as your business coach/mentor/teacher, I can show you how to make $699 with one customer and a minimum of $39.99 per month with that same customer thereafter.

Now, you do the math. Let’s say you start off an awful salesperson and educator, so you only sell 5 packages your first month; well, that’s $3,500. You didn’t have to punch a clock. You didn’t have to rush your breakfast. You didn’t have to speed in traffic worrying about being late. You didn’t have to listen to an idiot boss. You got to go to your daughter’s soccer match. You took a 3 day weekend because the weather was beautiful. And you feel good because you know this is only the beginning.

In your 2nd month, you get the feel for things and you make 10 sales: you just made $7,000 cash, in your pocket, ALL profit (excluding taxes/Uncle Sam gets a cut). But that’s not the “goal.” I’m going to teach you, help you, guide you to closing 10 sales a week with relative ease and execute the GMB services on your own accord. If you want to build a team of “Google Educators” within your business, offer them a 40% to 60% commission package to go out and sell; I’ll teach you how to do that as well.

In six months time, my goal for you is to average $30,000 a month, which will translate to $360,000 a year. Once again, this is more than achievable; especially with me in your corner as a resource. If you have a customer on the fence, send me a text or get me on FaceTime; I’ll talk to the customer and close the deal for you. Your success is in my best interests. Why?

If you want to be a “Google My Business” Educator, if you want my expertise, assistance, and everything you will need to succeed, you’re going to have to invest in yourself and put some “skin” in the game. I made all the mistakes already, refined the processes, and you will have no learning curve whatsoever.

I charge $6,500 for 6 months of everyday coaching/mentoring. If you are a student or senior citizen, I charge $5,500 for 6 months. During those 6 months, we will be having daily discussions. You’re not going to talk to an associate of mine, or another business owner I mentored, or someone on my sales team; you get to speak with me.

If you think $6,500 or $5,500 is a lot of money, I feel sorry for you because there is no business in the world you can start with that kind of money and with someone like me as a resource. There is no business I know of where you can make back your entire investment with a few sales. You can’t even buy a nice car for that kind of money.

After you get going and are successful; when the 6 months are over, you are going to give me 10% of your “business.” I don’t take the 10% at the beginning because I want to allow you to really grow quickly. But after 6 months, when you’re riding high on the horse, you won’t mind giving the person who helped you to live out your dream 10%. This also ensures that as you continue to grow, you will continue to have me as a resource. A business of one is very different than a business with three people or twenty people. Any improvements to the process I create, I will give to you. As you grow if you so desire to add people to your team, I will help you. If I notice my 10% is getting smaller, I’ll be on the phone calling you trying to ascertain why and correct the situation.

Why don’t people and businesses who sell you systems, or webinars, or “easy ways” to make money ask for a percentage of your business? Because what they are pushing doesn’t work. They made their money, don’t care if you succeed, and are ready to move onto the next sucker who will fork over a few dollars.

So, if you want to be your own boss, contact me. If this sounds great, but you don’t have $6,500/$5,500 to invest in yourself; do whatever you have to do to save and get that money. If you want to partner up with someone and split the cost; that’s fine as well. If you want to put a portion of my fee on a credit card or take out a small loan; do it! If you have parents or friends or relatives who believe in you, ask them for help. Or, you can work your ass of, make sacrifices, and save money for this life changing endeavor. If you think you can pull this off without me; go for it and good luck.

If you’d like to negotiate my fees, or the 10% of your business after 6 months; definitely don’t contact me. My time and expertise is too valuable. It is not negotiable. You can’t negotiate the price of a new Ferrari; if anything for that “special” model you’ll pay more than the sticker price. There is only so much time in the day, so I can’t mentor, teach, and train countless individuals. If you want a payment plan, take out a loan with “The Lending Tree.” I’m investing in you far more than you’re investing in me; but that’s because I see the bigger picture. I realize I can’t grow my company into every state in America unless I help other people and there is tremendous opportunity literally everywhere. I rather get 10% of the business I help you grow in your state, than zero percent.

What gives me the greatest satisfaction in life is helping others achieve his or her measure of success and excellence. If you’re ready to take control of your life; if you’re ready to bet on yourself; if you’re ready to work extremely hard for 6 months, follow the process I lay out for you; listen, learn, and take direction; contact me. If being your own boss and making a minimum of $100,000 for a $6,500 investment within your first year of business sounds exciting to you: contact me.

Otherwise enjoy looking for a job, staying at your current job; wasting money on gimmicky programs or in people who don’t care about you, and perpetuating your current existence. Google My Business isn’t going anywhere; Google Maps isn’t going anywhere, and neither am I.

My name is Anthony Galima. I am a technology expert, life coach, business development coach, consultant, marketing expert, UI/UX developer, and one of the world’s leading “Business Anthropologists.” I believe in “building to dreams, not limitations.” I want to help you. I’m going to share with you everything I know and everything I do with my company. I want you to have the life and lifestyle you want to live.

Are you ready to be a “Google Educator” and provide a service nobody else is providing and every business absolutely needs? Are you ready to start authoring the story of your life?”

Are you ready to start feeling good empowering and educating businesses within your community? Are you ready to make lots of money and be rich? Then send me an email (Anthony at consultant dot com), or pick up the phone, or message me on LinkedIn and “let’s begin.” You don’t need to hit a lotto scratch-off to start making $5,000 a week for life; you just need to work “smartly” and work with me.

“It only takes minutes” to change your life. Why not start right now?

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