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Goldbacks: The Future of Physical Currency or a Novelty That Will Never Take-Off

In today's world, where the global economy is in flux and the US dollar is losing its value as the world's primary currency, investing in precious metals has become a popular choice for many people. Last week, Business Anthropology published "Silver and Gold: A Historical Perspective and How to Invest Today, A Few Dollars at a Time" which featured "Goldbacks." Valaurum, Inc. is the company that has made investing in gold accessible to all and introduced the genius innovation of "Goldbacks" to the world. Goldbacks are a proprietary, patent-pending unit of gold that is protected between layers of durable polyester, making it a safe, private, portable, and durable form of investment for everyone. Goldbacks are not only a valuable investment, but also a means of preserving privacy and freedom in a cashless society. In recent times, there has been a growing trend of eliminating cash as a form of payment due to the pandemic and environmental concerns. The World Economic Forum has set a goal to have all societies cashless by 2030. This has led to the development of "Reverse ATMs" or "Cash to Card" machines, where individuals convert their cash into a digital format on cards, even paying a fee in some cases to do so. Reverse ATMs are becoming increasingly popular due to the growing emphasis and need for contactless payments, as well as the fact that a large chunk of the world's population is still unbanked. Big Brother wants everyone in the future to be plugged-in and on the "block" + "chain."

Anthony Galima, Business Anthropologist and cultural expert says, "Goldbacks can work in conjunction with Reverse ATMs to make investing in gold more accessible to everyone. With a simple code change, existing ATM machines can be utilized to accept cash and then dispense Goldbacks, making it convenient for people to invest in precious metals. Goldbacks also have a public ledger, which can work with QR codes, making it easy to verify its authenticity and real-world market value."

The benefits of Goldbacks are numerous. They are a valuable investment, convenient, and safe form of precious metal investment that can work in conjunction with Reverse ATMs, preserving privacy and freedom in a cashless society by providing a NEW and BACKED form of cash, that can never become worthless. Additionally, Goldbacks can be used to raise money and awareness for social and environmental causes through Valaurum's partnerships with for-profit corporations and NGOs. But Galima states, "Valaurum must move quickly. Generations of youth are already comfortable "tapping their smartphone" to pay for things. Generations of youth are already engaged in the Metaverse and utilizing "digital tokens" and cryptocurrency to buy skins and features within virtual worlds. They no longer even buy physical video games, just download them directly to their PS5's."

As the global economy continues to shift and the US dollar loses its value as the world's primary currency, investing in precious metals has become an attractive option for some people, but it largely remains a novelty. Precious metals also in their traditional forms are not practical for obvious reasons. Valaurum's Goldbacks offer a safe and convenient means of investing in precious metals, and when combined with Reverse ATMs, can make investing in gold not only accessible to all, but "cool." The future of currency and investment is changing, and electronic/digital cryptocurrencies are leading the way. Currently there are over 100,000 physical ATM machines that turn cash, change, and or money in checking/savings accounts into Bitcoin. There are no accurate numbers regarding how many "Reverse ATMs" there are in circulation at this time, but the sales of these machines are on the rise. Anthony Galima believes we can transition to a world of both cryptocurrency and a new form of "cash" with the gold backing built into it. "I am currently teaching individuals with the Cryptocurrency Crash Course how to take advantage of the new quantum financial system and these new asset classes within DeFi; then in an effort to preserve this new found wealth into something tangible, safe and less volatile, we are turning passive gains into 'Goldbacks.'" Anthony Galima wishes to assist Valaurum and facilitate the mainstream adaption of Goldbacks. "People across all demographics will initially be skeptical and/or worried because there are many variations of 'Goldbacks' that are legitimate and all look different to currency that looks exactly like our existing dollars printed on worthless 'foil paper,' yet look luxurious and expensive. I would make 6 standard denominations, preserving what people are familiar with that say 'In Gold We Trust' Preserving Privacy And Freedom directly on the currency. Couple this with ATM machines that say: 'Turn Your Paper Cash into Gold Cash.' Have a marketing campaign that utilizes established social media influencers across platforms to generate the awareness and buzz. These social media influencers already have and reach in a candid fashion the markets Valaurum needs to enter. There will also be a campaign where we will celebrate businesses that "accept Goldbacks" as a form of currency. We need companies to pledge that they will never go entirely digital and always accept gold as a form of payment within the Goldback denominations. Lastly, create Goldbacks that celebrate our rich history and culture with famous and beloved people, from a Sam Houston to Mark Twian to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to Aretha Franklin and Prince. " This article merely scratches the surface of the plan to take Goldbacks mainstream within all societies ensuring that we will never go completely "cashless" and always have an alternative option. Business Anthropology encourages all individuals to look into investing in this new form of currency, especially the smaller denominations that can be used to trade for smaller amounts of goods and services. If the United States suffers an economic collapse similar to that of the Great Depression, you're not going to want to only have $20 gold pieces available to barter with that are worth over $2,000 a piece. Lastly, Valaurum is encouraged to contact Anthony Galima directly, invest in his assistance so he can be of service to you and all of humanity, ensuring the Orwellian future proposed by the World Economic Forum remains science fiction and not our new found reality and fact.

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