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ENTRY LEVEL: The Case for Banishing This Asinine Term & Re-Thinking Initial Employment Opportunities

Go to Google’s search engine and type in “entry level meaning.” The very first thing that will show up is: “at the lowest level in an employment hierarchy.” Then in what seems like the same breath states: is “suitable for recent graduates or those with no prior experience.”

Isn't that lovely? That’s like kicking a hockey puck down a hallway. Not only are you supposed to be thankful for your “entry level position” landing you on the lowest rung; but graduates and “students of life” alike are both equally qualified for these positions? The person who studied for 2 years or 4 years or 6 years...with perhaps tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt is interviewing for the same job alongside the person who enjoyed “Netflix and Chill” and is #WokeAF?

Not really. With "entry level" opportunities, not only are you going to be sold on the lie that there is tremendous growth opportunity; you will be working harder than those above you for pennies on the dollar. The “employers” posting these “entry level” opportunities want “minimum qualifications” equivalent to that of a seasoned executive or professional. They want the BEST possible candidates in the world to work to the absolute bone and pay you the least amount of money humanly possible.

These companies also want to take over your social networking platforms. They “candidly inquire” about what platforms you use, how large is your audience; and then gently manipulate you to use your personal platform for the “team’s agenda.” Where is the work life balance in that? Why should what you may want to keep private and personal, or perhaps you worked many years to establish a following, now be somewhat under their influence and control?

So you will mention how thankful you are to be part of a team. Everyone will congratulate you. You will work your ass off to show you are devoted and committed. Echo the sentiments of all those team members higher up on the food chain with the “hope” someone notices your value. You will retweet, like, favorite, pin and comment on the redundant content that entity produces. You will feel like, because you are indeed "stuck," and showing up to work day after day is just that: "work."

From the beginning you settled for less than you are worth. Regardless of your reasoning or despair, you applied to the “entry level position.”

We are witnessing during this global pandemic and social media/networking craze the greatest manipulation and exploitation of both desperate people under tremendous financial stress and “recent graduates.” Platforms like #LinkedIn are adding fuel to this fire (to learn more explore: Why #OpenToWork on LinkedIn is #Awful ). And once again, only Business Anthropology is bringing you unique news that no one else is discussing. Business Anthropology has redefined "Entry Level" to now forever be "Initial Employment Offering."
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