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Blockchain: L2s and Rollup Solutions

There is always something to learn when it comes to Layer 2 Scaling Solutions and Rollups. They are very promising and necessary to scale use cases for blockchain. To date, not many people have a conversational understanding. What are they and what do they do?

Over the past 3+ years, Anthony Galima, creator of Business Anthropology, the Cryptocurrency Crash Course and Hard Fork News has been teaching people about Polygon’s DeFi solutions and trying to procure a role with Polygon Matic. Throughout the interview process for various positions within DeFi to NFTs, he has been tasked with writing exercises illustrating his expertise and understanding of technological elements within blockchain and crypto.

The 4 articles linked to below were written for the position of “Developer Intelligence” which has been put on hold temporarily. These articles helped propel Anthony’s candidacy to the top and allowed him to develop a friendship with Ronak Shah, Polygon’s Director of Technical Program Management.

In an effort to help you and or your corporation understand “Layer 2s” and “Rollup Solutions,” Mr. Galima has decided to share this 4 Part Series of Blog Articles he wrote for Polygon Matic with you. In every article, you will find links to supplemental information and the level of technical information will increase. Beginning with “Rollups Explained for Kids” and ending with “Ethereum Based Optimistic Rollups vs ZK Rollups and Polygon” you will have a foundational understanding of these technological solutions and players within this niche market.

Anthony’s affinity is to the success of you and your corporation, not to any one technology or solution. The articles about Rollups and Layer 2s are educational in nature because they cover ALL entities and available solutions on the market. With that said, it is Mr. Galima’s belief that Polygon Matic from the technological solutions themselves, to the partnerships they have created and are creating, to the community and leadership is the very best of all #Web3 and Crypto entities. Within the Ethereum ecosystem, they have no equal.

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